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Mobile Websites

Many of your clients and target markets are using their smartphones to look up information and find an attorney that can help them resolve their problem. More people are using their iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry phones to learn about and contact a law firm. But the experience can be frustrating if your website is not optimized for mobile phones.

SEO | Law Firm will create a unique, mobile-friendly version for smartphones and tablets. Mobile sites are optimized with larger buttons, icon menus, and other professional elements that make it easy for the user to get access to critical information. We focus on a clean, high-performance look that carries over the main themes of your regular website.

Our designers work with your firm to decide what is critical to show to the user on a mobile site. Images and text are positioned for maximum effect to engage the viewer. We can use your current mobile design and update it, or create a new mobile website to be sure your firm is reaching out to the smartphone masses. SEO | Law Firm will also ensure that every time your regular website is modified, your mobile site will also receive the changes automatically.

SEO | Law Firm will help your firm take advantage of this big opportunity to gain clients and get ahead of your competition. Mobile websites are an important part of your marketing strategy to keep clients on your site and take the next step. Click here to get a quote.