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De-Optimizing Your Firm’s Website for Search Engine Placement

Lawyer SEO with viewer keywordsWhat started out as a fairly slow year in the world of search engine changes rapidly changed this summer as Google updated their algorithm and made some of the most significant changes in recent history. Last week, we talked about link building, but this week we are back to discussing your law firm’s website.

Onsite SEO is something that doesn’t often change. Your law firm’s website needs to grow by adding new content and building new pages. But SEO “changes” can be done with less frequency. In fact, if a company is proposing monthly changes to your website and meta data, you can assume they stopped all continuing education around 1999.

We do quarterly reviews, which generally include a few minor changes, a meta description update (which is more about conversion than ranking improvement) and another look at any keyword opportunities we might be missing. If your website was optimized more than a (more…)

Quite Possibly The Most Affordable Lawyer Website Ever

Your law firm’s brand is comprised of several elements – your law firm’s name, your firm’s logo, and possibly your slogan.

When designing your website, your designer should take into consideration the style, color schemes, and feeling that your brand instills. However, the market downturn and slow recovery are tightening the budgets of many law firms and some are making the mistake of putting off their online marketing goals.

Your law firm must be online and the website must be professional. Even if you predominately do traditional marketing, you have to have a website that converts those visitors into new cases. But now, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

In direct response to the changing economic environment, has created the Semi-Custom Lawyer Website, a complete website solution for $2,500.00.

Unlike other “template” solutions, the Semi-Custom Lawyer Website offers small law firms 14 unique designs (and growing). These designs are then customized (more…)

The Importance of Design in Law Firm SEO – Podcast

This episode covers the value of a professional design and how that design works with search engine optimization and your firm’s legal marketing goals.

Why You Should Not Lease Your Law Firm’s Website

Imagine for a moment that you buy a house. Over the years, you pay the mortgage company and finally, you owe nothing. The mortgage company then tells you that you have to buy your house (the house you just paid off) in order to truly own it. You would not let that happen, so why do some lawyers agree to such a practice with their website?

When having a website built for your firm, it is important to own your website. Your law firm’s site is a lot more than just an advertisement. Over time, it is going to be a financial investment as well as a time investment as you work with your marketing company to add content to the site and turn the website into a powerful marketing tool.

Some legal marketing companies design websites that are only leased to your firm and then if you leave, they sell your website (more…)

Building Your Law Firm’s Web Content

A common misconception is that Google wants to see a website always changing. For a website like CNN, your newspaper, or an active blog, that’s alright because they don’t focus on any one set of keyphrases. Their traffic comes from the keyphrases in their articles.

However, your law firm website is different. As a crucial part of your legal marketing effort, your website has a set of keyphrases for which you want to achieve first page placement. If you constantly change your website titles, headers and on-site page content, your website may appear to be more unstable than dynamic.

Unstable is not attractive. However, dynamic is a good thing.

The key is having a balance. The best way to achieve this balance is with a blog and an RSS feed. By regularly posting blog entries to your onsite blog, your legal website will always be growing with new pages generated from your blog entries. (more…)

The New Year’s New Legal Website and Branding Resolution

To get the most out of your legal marketing strategy for the upcoming year, you may need a new look. Not just a new web site but a new brand all together. Attorneys and law firms that utilize a branding effort will convert better across all advertising medias because a strong brand gives their target client base an image to remember.

When businesses and individuals are looking for representation, they are bombarded with web sites and logos of other law firms that use the scales of justice and gavels. To really stand out, your law firm and law firm web design needs a unique brand.

Branding a firm will increase the success of your law firm marketing strategy whether its search engine optimization and online marketing, billboard advertising or print media. People remember imagery more clearly than words.

So this New Year, lay the foundation for a successful 2009 legal marketing plan online and (more…)