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Why News Releases Are Important to Your Law Firm

The days of drafting stale press releases and sending them off to the local and national press are long over. The majority of the time, these releases were ignored unless your company was already large and recognizable.

Today, more people are replacing their newspaper with online news sources and this means your law firm can more easily connect with its audience.

By drafting news releases to communicate with your target audience, your firm gets to write interesting stories that can spark interest in the people and businesses your firm wants to attract. You can use masked case examples and really engage with your audience.

The old days of being dependent on a journalist picking up your story and giving your firm a favorable tone in the final article are long gone. By writing news releases and using online media, you can engage with your target clientele and completely control your message.

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Four Lawyer SEO Tips Before the Fourth of July

With the end of this week approaching the July 4th holiday, we thought we would use this as an opportunity to point out the 4 most explosive online legal marketing and search engine optimization techniques.

1) Descriptive titles – It all starts at the top. By clearly describing your law firm, region, and practice area in your website’s title tag, you are giving the search engines a clear description of your type of website. Before you copy and paste the same title tag on every page, keep in mind that every sub page on your website needs a unique descriptive title tag.

2) Blogs – Blogging is the most effective form of search engine marketing. By posting brief updates to your blog, you keep your law firm’s website fresh, relevant, and ever-growing. It also helps drive traffic to your law firm’s website by getting the blog feed listed in Google Blog Search and (more…)

Why Online Law Firm Marketing Can’t Wait

Patience may be a virtue, but it is new cases that keep your law firm growing; and waiting for someone to stumble onto an older website is not going to help your firm achieve those goals.

A common mistake made by many law firms is pushing their website and online legal marketing strategies to the back of their priorities. By doing this, the law firm loses a lot of exposure and potential clients.

Everyday, people and businesses go online – not to the phone book – to look for a lawyer. In every major city and in every practice area, thousands of searches flock to Google and other searches engines to seek legal counsel.

To show you how important it is to begin quickly, we ran a search count in several major metro areas in different corners of the United States. The number represents the number of searches Google received for that keyphrase each (more…)

Legal Marketing After SEO

Last week we talked about the importance of onsite law firm search engine optimization. As you recall, SEO is the process in which your law firm’s website is optimized with keyphrases, which are included in title tags, meta tags, image tags, and properly displayed in your website content. Now that your website is optimized, it’s time to truly begin legal marketing.

When it comes to marketing your law firm’s website, the goal is always centered around links. The more quality websites linking to your website, the higher quality Google sees your website content as being. So, how do we build link?

Press Releases
Press releases go out across (primarily online) newswires which then syndicate content through places like Google News, Yahoo News, the Law Firm Chronicle, etc. When your law firm’s press releases are syndicated, the link to your website is also syndicated; thus increasing your inbound link population. We recommend at least (more…)