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The Big Lawyer in the Social Networking Cocktail Party

In David Meerman Scott’s book, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly” he compares the internet to a city. He notes that “Seeing the Web as a city also helps make sense of other aspects of online life. Craigslist is like the bulletin board at the entrance of the corner store; eBay, a garage sale; Amazon, a bookstore replete with patrons anxious to give you their two cents. You’ve even got the proverbial wrong-side-of-the-tracks spots via the Web’s adult-entertainment underbelly.”

He then continues to explain how social networks are like cocktail parties which is where this week’s metaphor begins. When attending a social event, you always find different people, but they can be classified in similar categories.

Can’t Hold Their Liquor

This classification of party patron can be interpreted online as the online users that talk too (more…)

Ranking Your Law Firm Higher with Creativity – Podcast

In this podcast, Sierra Winter talks about way to make your law firm ranking higher in the search engines, creatively.

Law Firms Must be Branded to Get New Cases – Podcast

In this podcast, Sierra Winter talks about the importance of law firm branding and how it encourages new cases. Everything from logos to custom website layouts are talked about in this week’s podcast.

Is Your Law Firm Disconnected from Your Target Client?

Many lawyers and law firms fail to connect with their target audience. Connecting with your target client base is absolutely vital in converting your legal marketing dollars to new cases. But what exactly does connecting mean?

When talking about legal marketing, connecting means being found and communicating with your target audience.

Being Found
When someone is looking for an attorney in your area, your law firm’s website needs to be on the first page of the major search engines. Especially Google which gets more than 70% of online search queries.

After someone finds your law firm and clicks on your website, now is your opportunity to truly connect with your visitor.

Subconscious and Intellectual Connections
Legal branding is all about the client making a subconscious connection with your law firm. When someone is seeking an attorney, in most cases, they are in a stressful time in their life and the last thing they will connect with is (more…)

The New Year’s New Legal Website and Branding Resolution

To get the most out of your legal marketing strategy for the upcoming year, you may need a new look. Not just a new web site but a new brand all together. Attorneys and law firms that utilize a branding effort will convert better across all advertising medias because a strong brand gives their target client base an image to remember.

When businesses and individuals are looking for representation, they are bombarded with web sites and logos of other law firms that use the scales of justice and gavels. To really stand out, your law firm and law firm web design needs a unique brand.

Branding a firm will increase the success of your law firm marketing strategy whether its search engine optimization and online marketing, billboard advertising or print media. People remember imagery more clearly than words.

So this New Year, lay the foundation for a successful 2009 legal marketing plan online and (more…)