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The Right Law Firm Marketing Budget

We get a lot of calls each week from lawyers that are upset with their current legal marketing company. These calls generally go something like this.

“I can’t take this company that I’m working with any longer. I had them build my website about one year ago and I’ve been paying them month after month to do search engine work and nothing is happening.” The lawyer goes on to explain how they have spent a fortune on the website but really doesn’t know what exactly they are paying for.

Unfortunately, many attorneys get conned into believing that having a website and a couple of listings in a lawyer directory is going to fill up their office with a mountain of new cases. Thus, money should not be a concern.

As you know, money is always a concern. The reason many law firms overspend on online marketing is because the attorney doesn’t work (more…)

Google+ and How it Increases Your Legal Marketing Success – Podcast

As search becomes more social, it is important for law firms to understand how Google+ can help your firm increase its search engine rankings and build a bigger network of future clients and connections. This podcast discusses the +1 button feature and how it helps raise the online profile of your firm.

Automate Follow Up and Win New Cases

Many law firms already understand the value of email newsletters. By staying in touch with prospective clients and existing clients, you keep your law firm’s name fresh on their mind. In fact, email newsletters are a great way of getting new clients not because of the people already on your list, but because of their friends and colleagues.

Not everybody needs representation right now and that is what makes newsletters so effective. By staying in front of people that have used your services or requested information, you encourage them to pass on your information when they know someone that needs an attorney.

While they are very valuable, the newsletter is also rather time consuming. But the whole process can be automated if your law firm already has a blog.

First, you must have an account with an email list manager like Constant Contact or Mailchimp. We recommend Mailchimp for their simplicity and intuitive (more…)

Focus on Law Firm Brand to Cohesively Plan Marketing Strategies – Podcast

Law firms must focus on their brand as the face of their firm. The brand and how it is conveyed in your logo, business cards, brochures, and website must be professional and communicate the right graphics, content, and tone to be effective and help your business grow.

Does Your Law Firm’s Website Really Work?

Many law firms see their website as a necessary expense whether it is just there to service existing clients or bring in new accounts. A law firm’s website is necessary. But it should be an asset, not an expense.

Online marketing is unlike any other form of marketing. Television, print, Yellow Pages, radio, they all come down to one thing – getting someone to call your firm. You show the ad, hope that it reaches the right person, and that they remember you when the time is right. You can’t really do anything more to improve those other forms of marketing beyond spending more money.

With your website and online marketing, you can actually interact with potential clients. You can invite them into your Google Plus circle, keep them up to date on Facebook, talk to them via a podcast on iTunes, stay in their inbox with email newsletters, and send out (more…)

Creating a Lead Funnel on Your Law Firm’s Website

Online law firm marketing consists of many elements from having a conversion-friendly design to getting traffic from social media and published content. But once you have a visitor on your website, do they know what to do?

Websites need to serve two types of audiences: readers and people wanting to connect with a lawyer right now. You need to have valuable content on your website, but for the visitor who is anxious to contact an attorney, a lead funnel can go a long way.

Let’s take a family law practice for example. Generally, your visitors will be interested in one of three practice areas – divorce, child custody, or child support. By adding three buttons at the top of the site, you can instantly split the traffic so that the eager visitor does not have to look through your menus and navigation for the popular practice area that relates to their issue.

The next (more…)

More Traffic than and Yellow Pages

Not mentioned in the state report below, this law firm received an overwhelming majority of traffic from Law Firm Newswire.

We love marketing law firms, improving brands, and helping you communicate in a way that brings in new clients. But we are also competitive, so when a report is released showing one part of SEO | Law Firm’s marketing plan sending more traffic to lawyers than, FindLaw’s directory, Yellow Pages and other legal directories, we have to share the news.

Every quarter, we do a customer-wide analysis to see how our attorneys are doing. We look at the detailed statistics to see where traffic is coming from, what visitors are doing and for how long, conversion rates, and a bunch of other data. With news releases on being a strong part of our lawyer marketing plan, we like to see how Law Firm Newswire compares with legal (more…)

Your Law Firm’s Directory Listing Can Produce Deceiving Statistics

Lawyer directories can help drive leads to your firm and build valuable links to your website. However, if your website was built by the same company that is giving you a directory listing, you may not be getting the whole truth with your statistics.

A couple of large companies that have popular lawyer directories merge the statistics of a website and directory listing to make it appear as though the website is getting more traffic than it actually is. Some do not provide website statistics at all.

Let’s look at an example. Smith & Smith Law Firm had their website built by the XYZ company. XYZ has a large directory of lawyers that consumers use to find legal counsel. In this case, the directory is generally the only “marketing” tool Smith & Smith is getting from XYZ. Since XYZ spends a lot of money on pay per click, television ads, radio, and (more…)

Your Law Firm’s Most Memorable Face

Collectively, your logo, business cards, brochures, and website all make up your law firm’s face. Even if you market with pictures of yourself or other attorneys in your firm, your brand is still the face of the firm.

When it comes to design, unless you have a creative background with the technical knowledge to go with it, designing your print collateral is a job best placed in the hands of a professional.

When deciding on your print designs, keep in mind that simplicity is the key. If you hand a brochure to clients that is overflowing with too much copy, they are probably going to look at your logo, your website address, and disregard the rest.

Use bulletins to outline how you are going to help the prospective client with their problem. Always include more imagery than information and do not be afraid to utilize white space. If you ask any designer (more…)

Design Law Firm Website with Conversion in Mind – Podcast

Law firms that are designing new websites or updating ones from the early 2000s need to design for visitor conversion as the highest priority. SEO | Law Firm’s marketing podcast discusses how easy to access information, a modern look, and a friendly content management system can make SEO strategies and a law firm more successful.