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Your Law Firms Blog and Politics

When starting my first business nearly 12 years ago, I remember getting some solid advice from older members of the business community. The one that always seemed to stand out was “never mix business with religion and politics.”

That is generally sound advice but as a lawyer, you are in a unique predicament. Through all the bickering, fear mongering, and partisan wiles, politics comes down to the formation and interpretation of your product… the law.

Over the years, we have monitored the performance of the blogs that our law firm marketing clients contribute – and what we found was a little surprising. There is value in political commentary. This was true from both sides of the aisle.

In traditionally left-leaning areas of the law (personal injury and immigration), we found that blog entries that took on a political undertone related to their respective area of the law had higher levels of syndication, more direct (more…)

Law Firms Need SEO Friendly URLs

We review of a lot of websites each week and it’s always surprising when we see URLs (website addresses) that are not SEO friendly. In 2008, Google released an official guide to search engine optimization covering the basics of what they want to see in a website. Pages 6 – 9 talk about URL structures, but many web developers are still not paying attention.

Just last week, we reviewed a website for a law firm and this particular page on the website was related to bankruptcy law.

The client’s URL was:

What Google outlined in their search engine optimization guide 2 years ago, was that they want to see relevant keyphrases in the URL. So if this was our client, this page would look like the following:

This tells Google that this subpage of the site is related to one of the keyphrases we are optimizing for “bankruptcy lawyer.” The other URL mentions “lawyer” (more…)

Why Pay Monthly Law Firm Marketing Fees for Quarterly Service?

We spend a lot of time staying up on the legal marketing competition. A fairly common practice among our competitors is to charge monthly fees but perform services on a quarterly basis.

If you are paying a monthly service fee, shouldn’t you receive monthly services? The journey to the top of page one is not a matter of frequent attorney website tweaks or getting listed in a couple directories. You have to hit the Web aggressively and hard.

A monthly line of news releases, articles, blog entries, and links back to your site from social networks, social bookmarks, and syndicated news is how the major law firms compete on the Web. If you are waiting for a quarterly service provider to accomplish something new with your monthly fee, it may be time to explore new options.

To learn more about legal marketing, law firm marketing, and attorney websites visit or call (more…)

Your Law Firm Is Newsworthy

One of the core services in our legal marketing plans is getting law firms like yours into the news – not necessarily your local news or newspaper, but online news. In some ways, this is more valuable than regular news because you get to control the message in its entirety and communicate directly with your target market.

For example, if you are a business attorney in Colorado, a press release sent to the local media discussing how the right contract can avoid future litigation would probably not get picked up. However, an online news release titled, “Attorney John Smith Talks About How Contracts Help Corporations Avoid Litigation,” would reach your direct audience.

While many law firm marketing companies stick to traditional search engine optimization tactics, we often have to explain in detail how news releases are effective. During this process, attorneys often are concerned that what they do is not newsworthy.

Whether you think (more…)

A New Way to Get New Cases from the Internet

Many law firms are discovering a new way to attract the interest of potential clients and learning that there is more than one way to market a law firm online.

Among the most popular techniques is a website being ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines when those needing legal services search for an attorney in their region. This is very effective and at the center of our legal marketing strategy.

However, the journey to the goal can yield as great of a return as the actual achieved goal itself. There is no such thing as one absolute item that must be on a site to get it properly optimized; search engine optimization is made up of many services.

Optimizing the content of a website is at the very beginning of the list and must be done correctly for other techniques to be effective. However, onsite optimization is not the (more…)

Mega Firms and Suburban Lawyers Get New Legal Marketing Options

Here at the lab, we have been working on new plans to help a more diverse group of law firms market themselves online.

Ok, we don’t really have a “lab”, but we do have a few people who monitor search engine optimization trends and come up with new ways to effectively get traffic to our client’s websites.

In fact, getting traffic is what these new plans are all about. Search engine optimization is one very important part of online marketing. But what about clients you are not getting from social networks? What about the people you could reach through Google News and Yahoo News that may otherwise not search for an attorney but still need one?

That is where the new group of law firm marketing plans fill the void. We have created new affordable legal marketing plans that offer the basics for small firms and we pumped up our higher level marketing (more…)

A Lawyers Biggest Competitor is Not Always Another Law Firm

Every law firm has competition. Whether it’s the attorney that buys primetime television slots, the firm that takes over the front, side, and back of the phone book, or the lawyer who practices the same area of law in your building; competition is everywhere.

When deciding how to best search engine optimize an attorney website, we look at competition in a different way. Online, competition is not always made up of lawyers in your city. It often comes from more powerful sources.

When building an online legal marketing strategy, we have to first determine the most popular keyphrase for your practice area. Popular keywords are going to give you the greatest return, since they provide the most exposure. While (for example) “Dallas Texas Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer” may yield a quick page one ranking, it’s unlikely that the 5 individuals that search for that full keyphrase each month will cover your expenses. (more…)

Get Your Law Firm Networked for the New Google

A lot of shuffling is taking place in the Google algorithm right now. Last year, their modified algorithm named “Google Caffeine” was released for public testing. In the summer, we reviewed it and realized that they were changing for the better. In November, they announced that they would begin upgrading their data centers.

In the last couple of months, we have seen a lot of fluctuation in rankings which is a pretty good sign that the upgrade is well underway. But one of things we are also seeing is that Google is looking for a new third element, social networks.

It appears that the world’s largest search engine is paying attention to how often a website is linking with popular social networks as a way to gage popularity. Some experts even speculate that they monitor Tweets and Re-Tweets.

The clear message to take from this is that you need a social networking strategy to (more…)