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Keeping Your Law Firm’s Contact Information Current

Earlier in the year, launched their attorney directory. The information in the directory was pulled together from various public records and compared with databases of recent information to provide a comprehensive list of accurate information.

Of course when compiling a database of a quarter of a million listings, some people will slip through the cracks; this is why you should locate your listing and claim it for free to make sure we are displaying the most accurate contact information for you and your firm. You can do this at the Free Listing Claim page. No payments or billing information is required to claim a listing.

If you do not find a listing for you or your firm, you may create one free of charge.

The directory is still fairly new but already over 10,000 people seeking attorneys visit the directory each month. Providing the most accurate contact information helps improve the quality (more…)

A Lawyers Biggest Competitor is Not Always Another Law Firm

Every law firm has competition. Whether it’s the attorney that buys primetime television slots, the firm that takes over the front, side, and back of the phone book, or the lawyer who practices the same area of law in your building; competition is everywhere.

When deciding how to best search engine optimize an attorney website, we look at competition in a different way. Online, competition is not always made up of lawyers in your city. It often comes from more powerful sources.

When building an online legal marketing strategy, we have to first determine the most popular keyphrase for your practice area. Popular keywords are going to give you the greatest return, since they provide the most exposure. While (for example) “Dallas Texas Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer” may yield a quick page one ranking, it’s unlikely that the 5 individuals that search for that full keyphrase each month will cover your expenses. (more…)