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Whose opinion matters when redesigning your firm’s website?

scrutinyThe reason a website is redesigned is to attract new clients. The old site may be out-of-date or not optimized for the world in which we now live; visitors may be accessing your site from a large desktop computer, a laptop, a midsize tablet, an ebook tablet, or a smartphone. Ultimately, the redesign is about getting new clients.

When your law firm’s website is getting redesigned, it’s natural to reach out to friends and family to get their opinion about the proposed design. Sometimes this can yield good feedback about the navigation and intuitive elements of your website; since you and the your staff probably visit your website on a regular basis, you are already familiar with the navigation. A friend who does not visit your site may be able to point out things that you’ve overlooked.

While friends and colleagues can offer good advice during the design process, whose opinion (more…)

What Can A Logo Do For You? – Podcast

The question of how important a law firm logo is still a matter of great debate online. Some say it’s a waste of money. It boils down to a misunderstanding about what constitutes attorney branding.

Law firm marketing debate: What can a logo do for you?

The question of how important a law firm logo is in the grand scheme of attorney marketing and practice building is still a matter of some debate online. A recent post on engendered an unnecessarily confrontational discussion among commenters about the wisdom of spending any time or money on a logo at all. Why bother, some argued; no one hires an attorney based on a logo alone.

The argument boils down to a misunderstanding about what constitutes attorney branding.

When people think of a logo or a brand, their minds generally jump to consumer-oriented brands like Nike or Apple. These companies attract and maintain herds of loyal followers, partly through the quality of their offerings and partly through reputation alone. People feel cool just owning their products.

But an attorney is not a commodity. Hanging out with the right lawyer is not going to enhance your reputation with (more…)

Law Firm Marketing Basics: Business Cards

Talking about business cards on a law firm marketing blog may seem anachronistic – sort of like punishing a teenager by taking away phone time. What person under 20 talks on the phone anymore, anyway?

But business cards, the venerated elders of the marketing world, are still relevant. And they have to work hard for your firm. They must give a memorable first impression and keep working long after they are handed over. They are your mini brand ambassadors.

Your business card may be the only physical item colleagues and prospects have connecting them to your firm. While online referrals are an increasingly lucrative source of new business, attorneys still have ample opportunity to hand out business cards at social and professional events. You never know when you are going to meet a potential client. Someone you ran into months ago at a convention or yesterday at a luncheon may one day need (more…)

Law Firm Marketing – Building a Brand

In the race to the top of the search engines, many law firms tend to overlook one very important element of their marketing campaigns. The powering of branding.

Law firms should look at their logo as the face of their law firm. It should represent what they are about and connect with their target clientele on some level. A custom logo for your law firm will help you stand out from the all too common “Name, Name & Associates” written across the scales of justice.

Even with online marketing, a logo is a powerful tool. When potential clients are clicking through the search engine listings, they may select multiple websites to review. It is important that not only your website stands out, but your overall brand, as well. The look and feel of your logo should be unique and consistent throughout all of the firm’s marketing literature.

Let’s Build a Bigger Law Firm Together

To (more…)

Ranking Your Law Firm Higher with Creativity – Podcast

In this podcast, Sierra Winter talks about way to make your law firm ranking higher in the search engines, creatively.

Law Firms Must be Branded to Get New Cases – Podcast

In this podcast, Sierra Winter talks about the importance of law firm branding and how it encourages new cases. Everything from logos to custom website layouts are talked about in this week’s podcast.

Communicating with Potential Clients with Color – Part II

In this follow up podcast on communicating with color, Sierra Winter talks about other practice areas and what colors best define a law firm attracting various markets.

Podcast: Communicating with Potential Clients with Color – Part I Law Firm Marketing PodcastIn this first episode of’s Law Firm Marketing Podcast, Sierra Winter goes over different color schemes that best communicate with potential clients in various practice areas. In part I, Sierra covers personal injury, bankruptcy, and divorce branding.

Is Your Law Firm Disconnected from Your Target Client?

Many lawyers and law firms fail to connect with their target audience. Connecting with your target client base is absolutely vital in converting your legal marketing dollars to new cases. But what exactly does connecting mean?

When talking about legal marketing, connecting means being found and communicating with your target audience.

Being Found
When someone is looking for an attorney in your area, your law firm’s website needs to be on the first page of the major search engines. Especially Google which gets more than 70% of online search queries.

After someone finds your law firm and clicks on your website, now is your opportunity to truly connect with your visitor.

Subconscious and Intellectual Connections
Legal branding is all about the client making a subconscious connection with your law firm. When someone is seeking an attorney, in most cases, they are in a stressful time in their life and the last thing they will connect with is (more…)