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Get Your Law Firm Networked for the New Google

A lot of shuffling is taking place in the Google algorithm right now. Last year, their modified algorithm named “Google Caffeine” was released for public testing. In the summer, we reviewed it and realized that they were changing for the better. In November, they announced that they would begin upgrading their data centers.

In the last couple of months, we have seen a lot of fluctuation in rankings which is a pretty good sign that the upgrade is well underway. But one of things we are also seeing is that Google is looking for a new third element, social networks.

It appears that the world’s largest search engine is paying attention to how often a website is linking with popular social networks as a way to gage popularity. Some experts even speculate that they monitor Tweets and Re-Tweets.

The clear message to take from this is that you need a social networking strategy to (more…)

What Makes a Good Lawyer Blog Entry

When blogging, many are concerned about making their blog entries too long or too short. Are their standards to blogging on your own website?

While your onsite blog may not have a built-in character minimum/maximum, it generally is a good idea to at least complete a thought in 1-2 paragraphs. If you are just announcing a new page on your site, a Twitter announcement of “Just adding new site, see…” may be more appropriate. The value of your blog is in the content it provides.

So while you don’t need to write a full page (though there is nothing wrong with that) you do need at least 1-2 paragraphs to maintain a level of quality within your blog.

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Building Your Law Firm’s Web Content

A common misconception is that Google wants to see a website always changing. For a website like CNN, your newspaper, or an active blog, that’s alright because they don’t focus on any one set of keyphrases. Their traffic comes from the keyphrases in their articles.

However, your law firm website is different. As a crucial part of your legal marketing effort, your website has a set of keyphrases for which you want to achieve first page placement. If you constantly change your website titles, headers and on-site page content, your website may appear to be more unstable than dynamic.

Unstable is not attractive. However, dynamic is a good thing.

The key is having a balance. The best way to achieve this balance is with a blog and an RSS feed. By regularly posting blog entries to your onsite blog, your legal website will always be growing with new pages generated from your blog entries. (more…)