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Fifteen Phrases You Can Drop (and not lose any meaning)

Good writing is essential to your ability to communicate with clients, judges, colleagues, and those who read your blogs and social media posts (whom you hope to convert to clients at some point). Whether you are putting together formal articles and briefs or sending a quick email response, your writing can confirm that you are a professional adult… or tell a different story.

Even the best of us will succumb to typos, and unless they are in a particularly embarrassing place (like a resume), we will be forgiven. But systematic use of unnecessary phrases that muddle your meaning can be a turn off for your readers. Here are some common culprits of cluttered copy that can be stricken from your lexicon post haste:

Redundancy. Our speech contains a lot of redundancy, and it is easy to let some of these conversational quirks sneak into your writing. But what is ok for informal (more…)

Eight ways to come up with new ideas for your lawyer blog

If you blog or write articles on a regular basis, you will inevitably face times during which you believe there is simply no way you can come up with another interesting topic. The blank page stares at you, taunting and mocking. Everything that can be written about has already been done.

Generating a regular flow of informative posts is difficult, but it is a necessity for lawyers engaged in search marketing. Fresh content is the norm. Websites cannot compete if they simply exist as static brochures. Frequent updates to your site, blog and social media profiles help build trust with visitors, cement your position as a knowledgable professional and give you more weight with search engines.

So how do you come up with the next great idea? Here are some tips for attorneys needing to meet that content deadline:

Change your setting. Sometimes, just getting away from the desk is all (more…)

Create Results with Your Law Firm Blog

We have written often about how blogging can drive traffic to your law firm website. A good blog can help you generate more leads and more cases. But like all law firm marketing related efforts, blogging must be done with a purpose. Blog entries that do not address client needs or speak to the right audience may not produce the best results.

If you want to take advantage of the potential benefits a law firm blog can offer, here are some tips to get you on your way.

Search engines love fresh content. For best results, post a new blog entry at least once a week. Optimally, a blog should be updated 3-5 times per week. Writing this often is a time commitment, and it may be worth the investment to hire a copywriter. However, when you post often and your blog contains an abundance of timely, relevant information, search engines (more…)

Social Media Marketing for Attorneys: Make Your Clients’ Choices Easy

A recent article on points out a growing disconnect between what marketing and business executives think consumers want and what those consumers actually want when it comes to interacting with companies online. While business leaders talk of building a community and engaging users, most consumers are just interested in getting some sort of perk or discount for following companies online. Being a part of a community is not their top priority.

This presents a unique challenge for attorneys who cannot rely on inventory blowouts, buy one get one specials or other retail-oriented gimmicks to get clients to engage with them online – and by extension to use their services.

Attorney marketing is similar in some ways and distinct in others from retail-oriented marketing. Attorneys are selling both their services and themselves; personal branding is inexorably linked with firm branding. However, attorneys can take lessons from studies in retail consumer (more…)

Displaying Blog Entries on Your Law Firms LinkedIn Profile

Many law firms on LinkedIn do not realize that their legal blogs can be syndicated to their LinkedIn profile. In order for this to work, your law firm’s blog has to be based on WordPress or your blog will need to be hosted at

Simply log in to your LinkedIn profile and select the “LinkedIn WordPress” Application. Select “Add Application” then set your RSS feed URL. This is generally, If you are an existing client, just send your login information to your account manager and they will set everything up for you as a courtesy.

Otherwise, learn more at:

Remember, the most successful blogs are the ones that get read. Syndicate your blog wherever you can and honestly, what better location than LinkedIn?

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