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Local SEO

When it comes to law firm marketing via search engine optimization, there are strategies and tools available that are necessary to deliver the desired results.

For Global SEO, there is the idea of generating backlinks from unique written content, or driving a ranking on Google from niched targeted keywords. But while this is important to Global SEO, Local SEO has vastly different priorities.

What Is Involved In Local Lawyer Marketing?

Local Law Firm MarketingLocal SEO involves getting your law firm marketed through citations such as Google Places, the Yahoo! Business directory, and hundreds of other sites. This SEO marketing involves listing your law firm’s information and practices, and placing these practices under keyword categories. These keyword categories are vital if you wish to get noticed in Google seven fold – the top seven local businesses that get listed under a Google search.

Once you have listed your law firm, you must also claim these listings in order to deliver some sort of authenticity to them. Authenticity can also work if a citation listing is completed 100 percent, meaning that each listing also has law firm images and brand logos. While this part may sound easy in practice, the other essentials for law firm local SEO marketing are not as easy.

What backlinks are to global SEO, local link building is to Local SEO.

Local Link building and grouping is a fundamental practice in local SEO. The more you have people talking about your law firm and posting comments to chat forums, groups, or blogs, the more your citations will have in weight. While link building in Global SEO works to get you a higher rank on search engines, link building on local SEO works to get a lawyer ranked in the tight local listing seven spot of search engines.

While there is more involved in Local SEO, such as geotargeting your law firm by ZIP Code and practice regions, this should not concern you. In a nutshell, Local SEO will use citations and local linking to get your law firm noticed on the first page of search engines’ local listings.

At SEO | Law Firm, we will take care of all your local SEO needs. We will update your citations, get links pointed back to your law firm and make sure that anyone looking for an attorney in your practice field will be able to find you on the fly via computer or mobile device.