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You are a busy lawyer, with hundreds of things to do every day. Whether it is talking to clients on the phone or in person, studying medical records or accident reports, preparing for court, or interviewing eyewitnesses, your days are long, with never enough time.

Law Firm Article MarketingBeing a lawyer is not just about handling cases, although that is a large part of your job. Being a lawyer is also about marketing yourself and your skills. You ideally have a website and all the relevant social media on it to tell your clients and potential clients who you are and what you do. Blogging is one of the most important things you can do – but most lawyers do not have time to sandwich that in every day or two and still juggle their cases.

The question is actually not whether you have time to do it, but whether or not you can afford not to do it, and the honest answer is that you need to blog regularly to stay in touch with the nuances of traffic on your website, to talk to your clients, and educate potential clients while establish you and your firm as a credible resource.

Prospective clients want to know who you are, how you think, what kind of cases you handle and how you handle your clients.

The only way people are going to get actively acquainted with your and your firm is blog – often and passionately – with the goal of educating people about the law in a voice that lets people know who you are and what you represent.

Whether you realize it or not, a legal blog that is well written and full of good information is read eagerly by people in search of good legal counsel. Visitors to a website will, in many cases, read a blog to see what you do and who you are, usually before they read the other pages that discuss what areas of law you practice. How you conduct your practice, how you treat clients, how you handle cases, and your success ratio are often much more important to clients than a simple list of your practice areas.

Getting to Know Your Law Firm via Blogging

The better someone knows you by reading your interesting and educational blog entries, the more likely they are to convert to clients. That is one of the leading benefits of blogs that many lawyers overlook. They do take time to write and post, but that time is a good investment in ensuring those reading your material have a good sense of who you are. You would not do business with a stranger, and neither would a potential client.

Blog often, blog cleverly, blog with passion and skill. Blog to educate those reading your entries and blog from the heart about what your cases mean to you. Let people know you care, have time for them, stand for justice and fairness, and will treat them with dignity. It is time well spent, and it will pay big dividends when your visitors start calling the office for an appointment to talk to you.