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Search Engine Optimization

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

Lawyer search engine optimization is an important service to any law firm that wants their website to appear in the natural search results on the first page of Google when someone is looking in their city and state for a particular area of practice.

The process of search engine optimization is made up three primary elements.

  • Professional Website Design and Layout
  • Relevant Search Engine Optimized Content
  • Inbound Links

The Process of Search Engine Optimizing for Lawyers

Relevant Content – If you are a divorce lawyer in Atlanta, your website’s content needs to clearly say it but not overstate it to the point of looking spammy. Our trained search engine optimization professionals will position keyphrases in key areas of the site while using them in the actual textual content in a manner that is not “keyword spamming” and also easy for human visitors to read.

Fresh Content – Keeping the website fresh does not mean frequently changing things but rather frequently adding content. This element is solved by using the onsite blog and ongoing content development.

Law Firm Blog – All attorney websites and search engine optimization services come standard with an easy to use blog. The blog can be managed online and is hosted directly on your law firm’s website. Blogs provide an outlet to offer basic free advice that positions your firm as an expert in your area of practice. The content in your blog will sync with your Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social profiles.

Link Building – It is important that relevant websites link to your web site and properly. This is a key area of search engine optimization that is made up of several elements. We seek high quality links and spy on your competitors to keep your portfolio one step ahead of the competition and in line with Google’s terms.

Local Directories – Directories are also important in building links to your site. We work with over 100 high profile local directories. With these directories, you get exposure on popular networks, links back to your website, and much need citations to help your Google+ local listing.

Statistics and SEO Analytics – All websites are equipped with powerful Analytics tools to track the visitors to your site and the overall progress of your law firm marketing and search engine optimization project. We can even assign goals which will track how many of your visitors use the contact form on your website. Generally, a contact form is placed on every page of your law firm’s website so that a call to action is clearly visible, regardless of the page your visitors enter on.