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SEO | Law Firm was formed in 2007 by Adviatech Corp. Originally referred to as or SEOLawFirm, the focus has always been online marketing for law firms. While the separate brand was formed in 2007, Adviatech Legal Marketing was started in 2005 shortly after Adviatech was founded.

SEO | Law Firm is a DBA owned by Adviatech Corp. Adviatech Corp. (or Adviatech) was founded in 2005 by Jason Bland and Christopher Kazor when Kazor’s company, American Marketing Management and Motivational Services, Inc. wanted to focus on online marketing.

Bland had recently sold the holdings of his company of 6 years. Kazor’s firm purchased search engine technology from Bland’s company as the first move in forming Adviatech Corp. While the search engine was taken off line in 2011, Bland always referred to it as an “incubator of the unknown”. The partnerships formed through the search engine and the archives of information on rankings, ad delivery, and content distribution, have given the company a competitive advantage spawning such innovations as Law Firm Newswire and an ad network currently under development.

Christopher Kazor manages another Adviatech holding with little involvement in the SEO | Law Firm service.

Jason Bland plays an active role in the growth and development of Adviatech Corp., especially the legal marketing holdings of SEO | Law Firm and Law Firm Newswire. He spends much of his time focusing on company growth while maintaining an active role in sales. In fact, interested law firm’s calling SEO | Law Firm will probably end up speaking with him at some point during the process if not first.

Sales Ethics

In 2009, Adviatech put together a sales team strategy which was later executed, then revised, and is now a vital part of the company’s success. Adviatech co-founder, Jason Bland’s “sales team strategy” consists of not having sales representatives but rather account managers. In his revised plan in late 2010 he wrote, “Nobody wants to deal with a sales person. If they [prospective clients] are talking to someone who is staring off at a commission check, they are going to be hasty and might say something to close the deal that may not be accurate. Our competitors offer that experience, we are better than that.”

Anyone involved in sales has to start off as an assistant account manager and work their way up to account manager. Account managers are responsible for drafting marketing plans, organizing proposals, and ongoing support. They are compensated by a base pay (hourly or salary) plus bonuses and ongoing commissions that are tied to the retention of the accounts they manage. This revised sales team strategy puts honest, experienced marketing professionals in front of prospective clients.

That results in a pleasant initial experience by a new client.

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