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United State Supreme CourtThe Legal Newsroom is the place to learn about technology cases, interesting laws and rulings in various practice areas, politics, and past and present U.S. Supreme Court cases.’s contributing authors give in depth reports. Lawyers and readers can contribute to the newsroom by submitting articles. Articles must be “news” and not general information. Our political column is also open to submissions from ALL viewpoints. Political pieces must contain links to reasonable sources. The political section is open to reasonable discussion, not conspiracy. Enjoy the Newsroom! We look forward to your contributions. See the entire newsroom archive.

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Contributors and Editors

Christina Madison – Columnist for the Newsroom’s Politics section. Read more…

Kerrie Spencer – Writer for the Newsroom’s Technology section. Read more…

Kristen Friend – Writer for the Newsroom’s Supreme Court section. Read more…

John Majeski – Writer for the Newsrooms’s In Good Practice section. Read more…

Newsroom Editor

Christy Zorn – Chief Editor for the Newsroom. Read more…

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