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News Center Contributor Krystina Steffen

Krystina SteffenKrystina Steffen is a Technology & Science and In Good Practice contributor for’s News Center. She is also an Editor at SEO | Law Firm’s parent company, Adviatech.

She has a keen interest in breaking news, the environment, and intellectual property matters. Krystina has lived across the United States and in the United Kingdom where she held various writing positions at Planet Magazine, Newsweek, WebMD, San Antonio Express-News, and Benjamin Cummings Publishing. Her experiences have made her well versed in the latest in online content, news stories, magazine feature writing, and book publishing.

Krystina is known for her engaging writing style and editing skills. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a concentration in International Relations and Spanish. Her communication skills and dedication to top-tier research and customer service have helped her excel in marketing, business, and real estate.

At SEO | Law Firm, she works closely with the team of writers and web designers to elevate law firms’ brands. When she’s not busy editing, she writes for entertainment attorneys, intellectual property lawyers, business attorneys, immigration lawyers, and many other diverse practice areas. She also has a talent for crafting innovative press releases, blogs, newsletters and tutorials.

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