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Gode Davis, our political columnist, writer, colleague, and friend, passed away on September 21, 2010 at the age of 57. While his articles in the newsroom were often controversial, his passion for the topics and writing is something that we will always respect, and miss. Political Contributor Gode Davis is a professional writer for’s parent company, Adviatech.
Previously his prolific pen had been responsible for hundreds of literary works, including features and smaller articles prepared for prominent national, regional, and local magazines, over a quarter-of-a century.

Sometimes his articles consist of serious content geared to a specific purpose, but he is capable of turning his pen to that peculiar humor oft-demonstrated by a fertile and iconoclastic imagination.

A University of Utah graduate, Gode Davis has prepared articles for now defunct magazines such as Omni (until the untimely death of his friend and mentor senior editor Murray Cox in 1994), Popular Science, True West, Wild West, and Walking – among a plethora of other print venues. He has conducted writing workshops and interviewed such scientific celebrities as Rupert Sheldrake, the late David Bohm, Stephen Hawking, and Oliver Sacks during the course of an illustrious career. As an investigative journalist, he has covered sundry issues ranging from virtual reality to financial and criminal cases to political issues of general interest.

Gode’s monthly political column in the Newsroom is expected to explore an intriguing spectrum of political topics.