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Print Design

A comprehensive law firm marketing strategy should employ the use of both online and offline components. Do not let your print literature be pushed aside when planning your overall marketing approach. Using online marketing and social media to get your firm’s message out is critical, but it does not preclude making good use of print materials. Good print marketing can enhance online efforts and help build trust in your firm.

Law Firm BrochureYour firm’s print literature has an important role to play in the building and reinforcement of your brand. Print literature should be visually compelling while at the same time speaking directly to your prospects. Print marketing materials must go beyond being pretty; they have to communicate.

Printed materials have their own wow factor. They are tactile, helping give them both weight and value in people’s minds. Print literature has the advantage of being hands-on, allowing prospects to take time and read about your firm in an unhurried manner. Having print literature available also allows people to come back to your marketing materials at any time, without having to turn on a computer or do any searching.

We provide a variety of law firm marketing materials, including:

  • Law firm brochures
  • Law firm flyers
  • Seminar materials
  • Print advertising
  • Postcards and direct mail material
  • New client kits
  • Non-traditional brochures, unique sizes, folds and cuts

Professional copywriting services come standard with the development of all print marketing materials.

Lawyer Brochure Design

Your law firm’s brochure must contain a clear marketing message. Simply including bits and pieces of information about your firm is not enough to persuade people to contact you. Readers of your print literature should be given a compelling reason to call your firm. Professional copywriting and design services are critical to achieving that goal.

One of the most common mistakes made in creating a law firm brochure is presenting material about the firm in a piecemeal manner. A brochure needs to provide a lot of important information about your firm, in a limited space, and must be organized in a way that presents a clear message. A law firm brochure layout should start with the story you want to tell, and all design elements should work to enhance that message. Why should people hire your firm? How do you serve the needs of your clients in a unique way? Your print marketing should answer these questions.

Pairing your print literature with your online law firm marketing

As online technology evolves, there are an increasing number of ways that your firm’s print literature can work with your online law firm marketing efforts. For example, printed materials can be used to encourage people to follow your firm on social networks.

Another of the many ways to measure the response to print marketing that has become increasingly popular is the use of QR codes. Your firm’s print literature can serve as a direct link to your website, increasing your contact with people who need your services.

Using such strategies also increases your firm’s ability to craft relevant messages for different audiences. People who attend a seminar or event sponsored by your firm can be directed to interact with a unique page on your website, while those targeted by a direct mail campaign can be directed to another. The possibilities for building your firm with the strategic use of both online and print materials will continue to increase as new technologies are created.

Print literature remains an important tool for any firm wishing to distinguish itself in an increasingly competitive market. Our marketing professionals can help you develop materials that work for your firm.