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Law firm branding is a process that is too often ignored by both new attorneys and well-established firms. Building a strong brand should be an essential part of any marketing strategy. Making an investment in branding services, especially by attorneys, can provide significant reward in the form of new referrals and new clients. However, lawyers and law firms invest much less in marketing, and branding in particular, than do people in other industries.

Lawyer Branding Kits

A brand is more than just a logo or a name; a good brand tells a story. How do you want to be perceived by clients and potential clients? The answer should be a simple, distinguishing feature of your practice that can be reinforced through your logo, website, print literature, and advertisements. Good branding creates an image that is universally understood and in consistent among clients, all members of the firm, and the press.

Professional Lawyer Branding Gets Your Firm Recognized

As an attorney, you are intimately familiar with the areas of law you practice, and likely also familiar with other attorneys in you area against whom you compete for clients. Clients and prospects, however, know little of the differences between one lawyer or law firm and another. Firms often invest in a Yellow Page ad, and maybe a TV spot, but are those items really working to differentiate them from other attorneys? Unfortunately, too often the answer is no.

One difficulty is the volume of competition, much of which is saying the same thing about their services. The market in many areas is saturated with too many messages, when what people really want is to be reassured that they are making the right decision. This is especially true when that decision is as important as choosing someone to represent them in a time of stress or crisis.

Establishing trust and creating a compelling law firm brand is critical to getting new clients and growing your practice. A well thought out, focused branding plan can help your firm become widely recognized and remembered. Do not just get more clients, get better clients – those who are willing to pay more for your services because they understand the value your firm provides.

Attorney Branding Kit Packages:

Branding Kit One

  • Logo design
  • Tagline, brand development
  • Business card
  • Work one-on-one with a designer; we research your firm and your competition and create a unique brand.
Branding Kit Two

  • All items in level one plus:
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Note card
Branding Kit Three

  • All items in levels one and two plus:
  • Office posters
  • Newsletter template

Marketing professionals, especially those that specialize in lawyer marketing, understand the process of creating a unique brand, story and personality. With our branding services, you will have access to one on one consultations with your designer. You can choose the level of involvement in the process that you are comfortable with; we can work with you to flesh out ideas you bring to the table, and we can suggest strategies for your firm.

Law firms face unique branding challenges. The market for attorneys, especially in larger metropolitan areas, is very saturated. At the same time, consumers know little about lawyers and law firms in their area, and do not care to do any research or pay attention to the market until they are in the position to need an attorney.

Lawyers also face challenges when coming up with ways to distinguish their firm. Many firms offer a variety of services to different types of clients. It is difficult to get all lawyers in a firm, each of who may focus on different practice areas, to agree on one marketing focus.

Issues like these make it all the more important that lawyers and law firms consult with marketing and branding professionals. The potential return on the investment in a good brand is too important to take a scattered or haphazard approach to distinguishing your firm.