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Custom Apps for Lawyers

iphone_clm_to_go We have partnered with our friends at Custom Legal Marketing to put the power of a law firm app in the palm of your clients hands. With a custom app, your law firm is in arm’s reach for your current and future clients. You can keep these clients engaged by offering free content, tips, documents, and benefits so that when they need to call a lawyer you are just a one-click-call away.

Law Firm App Features

Exclusive Content for App Users – Give your app users exclusive access to helpful information, forms, videos, ebooks, and more. Give people a reason to use your app and they will stay engaged with your firm.

Podcast and Video – If your firm has videos, podcasts, and other media, your app can give people a way to listen or watch on the go. The app will use the native media functions built in to your user’s phone or tablet for an optimal high quality listening or viewing experience.

One-Click-Call – It’s easy to contact your firm from your custom app. Users can just tap on the contact bar and call your office.

GPS Navigation – Help clients get to your office or court with built in GPS navigation. Your app can help them navigate to wherever they need to be to have a successful case.

Get Readers – Share your blog posts with your users and notify them when you have something new to share.

Schedule appointments – Users can contact your firm to schedule an appointment directly from your app. Your staff is notified so that they can connect with the user and setup a mutually available date and time.

Photo post – User’s can use their devices’ built in camera to share photos of items needed for their case. Imagine the simplicity of snapping a photo of a document you need right away or pictures that were taken at the scene of an accident. Photos are uploaded directly to your firm.

Push notifications – When you have something timely going on like a seminar or sponsored event, a push notification can alert your app users. Plus alerts can be geo-specific and only notify users that are physically located near your event.

Compatibility – Your app will be available on the Apple App store for iPhones, iPads, and iPad Minis plus Google Play for Android phones and tablets.

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