An Adviatech™ company. Celebrating 10 years! Airs Legal Marketing Podcast

Law Firm Marketing PodcastThe new bi-weekly law firm marketing podcast focuses on legal marketing and gives tips to attorneys on improving their search engine results. The podcast also gives web design and conversion advice.

The law firm marketing experts at released their podcast a couple weeks ago and it is now available in the iTunes store.’s parent company, Adviatech Corp., is no stranger to podcasting. In May of 2009, they developed Your SEO Update with host Sierra Winter to develop a monthly podcast. As production time increased on the 15 minute program, the episodes were later delayed until recently shortening the podcast to less than 5 minutes.

Now on their legal marketing side, the company is doing the same thing by hosting shorter podcasts on a bi-weekly basis. The podcasts discuss various law firm marketing topics that are covered on the company’s legal marketing blog. However, the podcast gives them an opportunity to discuss tips (more…) Launches

Social networking on Twitter is quickly being adopted by large law firms and sole practicing attorneys. A new program released by now gives a shortened URL to attorneys.

While Twitter may not be generating profits for parent company, San Francisco based Obvious™, it is definitely generating a lot of traffic and new business for many of its users. Where there is business to grab, law firm marketing company,, is there to discover and create new ways for lawyers to get their piece.

The parent company of, Tampa, Florida, based Adviatech Corp., wrote on their company blog in April of 2009 a two-part series called “Twitter Me This” and “Twitter Me That.” It was written to help introduce businesses to the value of Twitter as a business tool rather than a pre-teen gossip house.

Since then, the legal marketing holding of Adviatech launched their expansion which includes an attorney directory, social (more…) Launches Social Network for Lawyers

Social networking has become a necessary part of search engine optimization and online law firm marketing. It is believed that Google is now monitoring links within social networks as a way to gage popularity of websites.

Law Firm Marketing Company, SEOLawFirm LogoAs part of the legal marketing company’s expansion, has officially released their legal social network. The network located on has been tested over the last month by existing clients and invited attorneys. The few beta testers relayed valuable information back to which helped them make minor modifications to improve the user experience of the network.

Attorneys can now interact with other lawyers across the country, read blogs (also referred to as blawgs), and set up their own custom blog on the network. The attorney social network allows lawyers to create individual pages and blog posts within their account which then get shared across the network.

To make the service more valuable, is setting up (more…) Officially Opens the Legal Newsroom, publicly opens its legal newsroom today. The company’s staff reporters release articles on various legal topics each week.

In an effort to become more of a resource for both attorneys and individuals needing legal counsel, opened its newsroom today. The legal newsroom, which is referred to as “ Legal Marketing Blog and Newsroom”, is filled with articles written by staff writers.

The company selected four main areas of interest, including the U.S. Supreme Court, Technology cases, Politics and a general practice column. Each of the four staff contributors publishes an article one week out of every month. Among the most controversial is the Politics column.

The management of’s parent company, Adviatech, debated among themselves for some time when deciding on the four beginning topics for the newsroom articles. With political ideas being extremely polarized in America, the company did not want to display a bias under their brand.

Some managers at Adviatech (more…) Gives Social Networking Upgrades on Lawyer Websites

Law firm marketing and attorney website design company,, announced the addition of new social networking features to Attorney Website Designstheir website packages. The new features will help attorneys connect their sites to social networks.

The office of a law firm used to be ultimate in luxury. Marble floors, imported furniture, and expensive art were the norm for many high profile firms.

Things have changed in recent years. As lawyers see their client base come from the Internet more so than via traditional media advertising, many are investing in a luxurious website rather than an office fit for a king. Attorney website design and legal marketing company, has seen many firms paying closer attention to the custom feel of their site and the old “just want something up” attitude is a thing of the past.

An elite look and feel provides a great first impression, but that alone will not bring in traffic. Only (more…) Launches Attorney Verification Seal’s lawyer verification seal is one of the new services released under their expansion. The service, which is connected to their attorney directory, verifies information to build trust with the searching user.

Verified Attorney SealLast week, launched their law firm directory, a tool that helps individuals and businesses seeking legal counsel find a lawyer. The directory contains nearly 200,000 listings. Some listings are firms that were included in the pre launch and other listings can be claimed for free and updated by the respective law firms.

During the pre-launch, while’s development team was wrapping up, some client listings selected for testing underwent the verification process necessary to get the “ Verified Listing” seal placed on their directory listing.

While the lawyer directory officially launched last Monday, February 22, 2010, it was live and partially indexed by Google and other search engines two weeks prior, a move purposely instigated by’s marketing team. The goal (more…)

Find a Lawyer – New Lawyer Directory Makes it Easier

Law Firm Marketing Company, SEOLawFirm LogoWith most of last year spent in development and two years of planning, the attorney directory on went live on Monday. The directory has over 200,000 attorneys and pushes the legal marketing company in a new direction.

The parent company of, SEO company Adviatech, has taken on a series of ambitious objectives for 2010; some larger than others. In a year end message released December 30, 2009, they stated, “ may become a network of other services and freely available law firm marketing tools to help attorneys get new cases.”

Over the last two years, Adviatech’s law firm marketing brand,, has been working on new ways to attract more attorneys to their search engine optimization and web design plans. In 2009, proved to be Adviatech’s most profitable and highest grossing product line and showed the highest potential for continued growth in 2010. In the spring of 2009, Adviatech finalized (more…)