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SEO | Law Firm News Center Gets Face-Lift as Readership Soars

Tampa, FL – SEO | Law Firm recently gave its Legal News Center a big face-lift. When SEO | Law Firm rebranded last month, it also increased the amount of content and engaging images on the Legal News Center. Its writers produce hundreds of content pieces for clients every month, so SEO | Law Firm wanted to give these professional journalists an outlet to show their talent. The focus is on news magazine style columns and getting deeper into legal news topics.

“The columns by our team of accomplished writers showcase exclusive, breaking news stories that law firms will enjoy and gain something from,” said SEO | Law Firm Legal News Center Editor Krystina Steffen.

Each week, the respected writers delve into topics covering the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress, technology and science, politics, and In Good Practice – a general interest section. The Legal News Center takes an intellectual, unique point of (more…)

SEO | Law Firm Launches Learning Center for Lawyer Website Management

August 31, 3011 – SEO | Law Firm is on a mission to help attorneys build a bigger law firm. With the expansion of, the law firm marketing company debuted its Learning Center as a one-stop resource for attorneys to manage all the content on their website. These tools are available to SEO | Law Firm clients or the general public.

The tutorials are self-paced and allow lawyers to navigate the Learning Center when it is convenient. The content is focused on managing a lawyer website. The center shows how to use Advialytics, an exclusive tool to access powerful statistics that will help a firm know how clients found the site, what keywords they searched, conversion rates, and how to access this data using the Android or iPhone App.

Beyond statistics, lawyers can learn about managing their firm’s website pages and blog. Knowing how to add and edit images and videos as (more…)

SEO | Law Firm Now Offers Logo Design and Branding

August 29, 2011 – As law firms enhance their image or embrace larger marketing campaigns, it is important that they have a recognizable logo. Law firm marketing company, SEO | Law Firm, has added logo design plans to help both small practices and large firms.

The company that wants to build a bigger law firm now offers complete law firm branding solutions. SEO | Law Firm has provided logo design and branding services in the past but now offers three levels for firms to choose from.

When law firms embark on an expanded legal marketing strategy with a mix of outdoor marketing, television, radio, and online campaigns, they quickly discover that a couple of authoritative names and an ampersand do not create a memorable brand for their prospective clients. While lawyers may be tempted to pick up a $50 stock logo from one of the many international outfits, SEO | Law Firm notes (more…)

Bigger Law Firm Magazine Prepares to Ship in November

Law firm marketing company, SEO | Law Firm is publishing Bigger Law Firm Magazine. The first issue is scheduled for delivery in November.

August 26, 2011 – Bigger Law Firm Magazine is wrapping up its must-read law firm marketing articles and unique content as it gets ready to launch this November. As the busy fall season is just around the corner, the magazine promises to be the authoritative source for legal marketing tips that will help a law firm grow and succeed.

Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys ships November 2011“The magazine is created by real attorney marketing experts that have experience in growing a law firm’s brand,” said Krystina Steffen, Bigger Law Firm Magazine Editor and Contributor. “The content is all about ‘Let’s Build a Bigger Law Firm’. This is a magazine you’ll actually want to read and reference as your firm plans it marketing strategy.”

Bigger Law Firm Magazine takes an innovative approach to its glossy, full color magazine. No (more…)

SEO | Law Firm Adds Video Tutorials to Client Learning Center

Clients of law firm marketing company, SEO | Law Firm have a powerful, new tool to manage their websites whenever they want to make an update. has video tutorials for WordPress based websites so that lawyers and their staff can do their own blog posts, upload new images and videos, and manage their site as needed.

Adding new content is an easy task with the video tutorials and increases a site’s value to potential clients and Google’s search engine rankings. Google and other search engines rank websites by the value of their content, inbound links, and other quality measuring variables. Updating a website frequently with insightful legal guidance, timely news, and interesting videos and graphics helps a law firm climb higher in the rankings by showing Google a growing website that is a resource, not just an advertisement. The content shows the firm’s expertise in their practice areas and region. It (more…)

SEO | Law Firm’s New Brand Puts Fun Twist on Legal Marketing

Tampa, FL – August 24, 2011 – In an industry cluttered with serious images, cliché law icons, and pictures of courthouse steps, SEO | Law Firm believes law firm marketing can be fun. This Adviatech holding has recently rebranded with a creative, new look.

In an industry still dominated by traditional corporate photos, actors in images standing confidently with their arms crossed, and mission statements that rattle off a list of expected rhetoric, one legal marketing company is taking a different path.

Adviatech’s law firm marketing company, SEO | Law Firm ( has expanded its website, launched new services, and rebranded with a look that is unmatched by competing firms. Earlier in the year, the company started a direct mail campaign utilizing the Great Dane (nicknamed Warren) that now dominates the home page. Throughout the new website and in a series of marketing campaigns going into action this fall, Warren is the (more…) Announces New Upgrades for Legal Clients

The legal marketing arm of Adviatech,, announced a suite of attorney marketing tools and services that will help current and future clients expand their law firms.

March 18, 2011 – Since last year when it launched Law Firm Newswire as an extension of its legal marketing arm,, Adviatech Corporation has been working to further enhance the rapidly growing holding of the marketing company, which begins its seventh fiscal year next month. has new law firm marketing tools to help attorneys grow their law firm.

In a company wide move that will affect all branches of Adviatech – including its direct-to-business services, insurance marketing plans through its holding, and its most popular holding, the law firm marketing provider – the company is diving heavily into design and branding services. All holdings of Adviatech including the Adviatech brand are undergoing complete branding overhauls that will connect their (more…)

Adviatech’s Law Firm Marketing Clients Get Boost from Google Places Integration

Over the last few weeks, some computers in the law firm marketing company’s office have previewed Google’s merging of Google Places listings and search results. Today, they officially welcome the change.

Traditionally, Google has displayed the Google Places (previously Google Local) listings next to a map above the search results. The rankings of the Google Places listings were determined by comparative data from other region based business databases as well as quality reviews of the Google Places listing and the website associated with the listing, assuming one was included.

The change in the way Google displays the map first appeared on the personal laptop of a search engine optimization specialist employed by’s parent company, Adviatech Corp., out of Tampa, Florida.

Immediately, other personnel studied it to make sense of the new display and one by one, other workstations in the Tampa office started displaying the new format.

Results of Change

The Google Places listings are (more…) Licenses Legal News and Law Firm Marketing Content for Republishing RSS Library offers full text syndication rights in their RSS library.

Legal marketing company,, will be modifying its publisher agreement making its content freely available. The change of license comes after a series of plagiarism incidents stemming from the growing popularity of the Legal Newsroom.

What started as a way to keep lawyers up-to-date and attract a wider audience to has turned into a popular legal news resource. In March of this year, Adviatech’s law firm marketing holding,, started the legal newsroom which publishes stories related to the U.S. Supreme Court, Politics, Technology cases, and other legal practice areas.

The newsroom has covered a variety of controversial topics from the U.S. Supreme Court’s take on gay marriage, a seller’s right to sue over negative feedback on eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY, rights of suspects to use profanity directed at law enforcement officers, the immigration bill in Arizona, and other (more…)

Free Premium Lawyer Directory Listings Offered by Lawyer Directory

The premium listing is available free for a limited time at

The law firm marketing company that has been expanding their reach all year is offering a premium directory listing. The company’s attorney directory went live in February. has had a lot of success this year in expanding their legal marketing services. From the Law Firm Social Network to their highly popular Legal Newsroom and podcasts, the Network’s traffic is up nearly 1000% year to date.

Now, is promoting their core service of online law firm marketing, search engine optimization, and attorney web design by giving away 6 free premium months in the directory just for getting a quote.

The premium listing in the directory goes for $24.95/month. Existing subscribers can take advantage of the promotion by requesting a quote from

The premium lawyer listing offers featured status in multiple categories, displays a Google Maps location on (more…)