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Heartbleed bug

heartbleedpngOn Monday April 7th, widespread reports of the Heartbleed bug hit the media. Original reports suggested this could affect more than 60% of the internet from communications to financial institutions. If you haven’t already, you should change your email, social network, and banking passwords. Even though major networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and most U.S. banks reported that they did not use OpenSSL, you may have used the same password on an exposed website and therefore, you should change your passwords on non-exposed sites.

Yahoo was hacked after the bug announcement so you should definitely change any accounts on Yahoo, Tumblr, Flickr, Delicious, or other Yahoo property. If Adviatech is managing your Tumblr account, we have already secured it as of Tuesday April 8th.

Adviatech’s servers utilize the OpenSSL libraries for secured connections. The server patch for the vulnerability was released at the same time as the public announcement. We had our security personnel (more…)

Lawyer Magazine, BLF, Highlights Bold and Critical Strategies in January Issue to Increase Law Firm Results

Tampa, FL December 30, 2011 – Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, kicks off its January 2012 publication packed full of legal marketing and branding strategies. In its popular Virtual Impression column, Ross Fishman of Fishman Marketing is interviewed and sums up the approach lawyers should be taking in the year ahead.

January's issue of BLF Magazine is all about white space and how lawyers can harness the power of white space in their legal marketing efforts.

This is a great time to be bold,” said Ross Fishman. “Firms that market more aggressively in this recessionary economy achieve more results than competitors. Otherwise, you are missing a big opportunity to take your firm to the next level. Marketing is not just the business of making pretty pictures; it is about driving revenue and showing market leadership.”

Fishman goes on to explain the importance of slogans to catapult a (more…)

Lawyer Magazine, BLF, Ships Latest Issue About Need for Modern Web Design and Mobile Sites to Attract Clients

Tampa, FL December 1, 2011 – Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, treats December readers to an exclusive look at the importance of modern lawyer website design and the need to capitalize on the growing client base using their mobile devices. Paying attention to both resources for a law firm can pay off big for new business development and connections.

To make a big Virtual Impression, one of the magazine’s popular columns, the magazine’s art director notes that it takes paying attention to the smallest details to keep visitors on the firm’s website. Reading the December issue will show attorneys how to create or critique their site to improve for the new business year in 2012.

Legal Magazine for Attorneys Highlights Essential Lawyer Marketing Tips

“Part of taking your law practice to the next level is also making yourself a valuable resource to the media and hosting web (more…)

Growing Legal Marketing Company Launches Magazine

Tampa, Fla. – Adviatech has been expanding a lot in 2011. The tech-focused marketing company recently launched a full color, print publication that stands in stark contrast to their high-tech organization. A print magazine, some say, is a bold move for the online company, especially in today’s frenzy for digital media.

The company is tucked away in a humble office park in east Tampa and for six years has been working tirelessly to be the go-to company for search engine optimization, Internet marketing, and online graphic design. Adviatech’s brand, SEO | Law Firm ( has quickly positioned itself as a heavy-hitter in the legal marketing industry for law firms across the nation.

Co-founder, Jason Bland said, “Because our law firm marketing holdings account for more than 85 percent of our revenue, the recession took a little longer to catch up with us. But in 2010, we felt it. So I trimmed (more…)

The Bigger Law Firm magazine Talks About the Technologically Evolving Lawyer in November Issue

Tampa, FL October 18, 2011 – Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, debuts its first issue in November. The magazine focuses on the power of technology to help law firms of all sizes evolve. From innovative ways to increase law firm marketing efforts to building a dynamic lawyer website, Bigger Law Firm discusses useful tips to help a law firm grow and attract more clients.

BLF Magazine Talks about The Evolving Lawyers in November's Issue

The first issue features how lawyers can use mobile devices, cloud computing, and online legal marketing to run a more efficient business. Part of this involves taking the time to sync a firm’s online message with offline strategies such as television ads and billboards. This also includes having a unique, memorable graphic design that easily communicates a law firm’s brand and resonates with target clients.

“Lawyers are extremely busy and having a publication like (more…)

Lawyer Magazine Bigger Law Firm Teams Up with Law Firm Newswire

Tampa, FL October 3, 2011 – Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, launches in a less than a month. The magazine is written by law firm marketing specialists and is poised to give real insight and many tips to increase the success of law firms across the United States.

“With a wealth of multimedia at an attorney’s fingertips, it is essential to know what tools to use online and offline to increase your client base and outshine the competition,” said Bigger Law Firm editor Krystina Steffen. “The magazine gives attorneys ideas and action items to make a difference in their marketing plans.”

As part of launch promotions, Bigger Law Firm is partnering with Law Firm Newswire to offer a free press release distribution for every month of subscription. Law Firm Newswire sends press releases out through their extensive distribution network of news outlets, websites, and blogs. Through syndication, these press (more…)

Law Firm Marketing Company Offers Mobile Lawyer Websites

When people experience a life changing event, they turn to their smartphone for an instant answer. As they seek a resolution to their problem on a search engine, they stumble on a handful of lawyer websites.

29-September-2011 –The attorney website that is geared toward a mobile audience will keep their interest. A site that only partly shows up, does not have a mobile way for them to contact the firm, and has never-ending text will be clicked off. With millions of people using their smartphones to find the perfect lawyer to represent them, attorneys need SEO | Law Firm’s mobile website design service. As a leading law firm marketing company, SEO | Law Firm helps attorneys nationwide stay ahead of their competition.

“It is not enough to just have a website,” said SEO | Law Firm’s Art Director Kristen Friend. “You could be losing out on a key audience that is ready to (more…)

SEO | Law Firm Expands Branding Services

Tampa, FL September 26, 2011 – Branding is typically the last thing a law office considers, but in fact needs to be the first item of business before launching a new office or revamping an older law firm with a new look.

“Branding is the cornerstone of any lawyer marketing strategy and investing in a smart branding campaign pays forward by bringing in new clients and referrals,” said Kristen Friend, SEO | Law Firm’s art director.

SEO | Law Firm, a law firm marketing company, recently launched three new reasonably priced branding packages for lawyers and also offers third-party focus groups to help assist in choosing a distinctive lawyer logo. The choices include critical services for a firm’s legal marketing plan:

• Branding Kit One – includes logo design, tagline, brand development, and business card design; firms also work one-on-one with SEO | Law Firm’s designer to research your firm and the competition (more…)

Press Room Enables Media to Interact with Leading Legal Marketing Company

Tampa, FL September 20, 2011 The new press room on includes logos, images, and company facts to make reporting about the law firm marketing company a lot easier. The enhanced press room that launched this week reaches out to traditional news sources and online news outlets.

As a leading legal marketing company, SEO | Law Firm knows firsthand how important it is to clearly communicate with the press. Journalists can subscribe to the SEO | Law Firm news feed either by email or RSS to get updated information about the company or receive prototypes of upcoming products such as their innovative lawyer magazine, Bigger Law Firm™, which ships out in November. The company also provides a list of facts about SEO | Law Firm and parent company, Adviatech for reporters and bloggers to reference when writing about the company.

Interim press contact Angela Daniels said, “We want to be an approachable company (more…)

Lawyer Magazine, Bigger Law Firm Offers Free First Issue of Magazine

Tampa, FL September 15, 2011 Bigger Law Firm’s debut issue ships in less than a month. The first issue is free to readers who sign up online. The magazine is steps ahead of many legal marketing publications and focuses on the evolving law firm of today. The content is written by leading law firm marketing specialists and shows lawyers how to utilize and benefit from online marketing, cloud computing, and social media.

“The magazine is packed with useful tips and real tools to propel your law firm forward,” said editor Krystina Steffen. “Our writers help firms of all sizes make a bigger impact every day.”

Bigger Law Firm™, a magazine for attorneys, was created to fill a niche in the market where many legal publications concentrated on awards, ads, and only a few tangible articles. Each issue highlights the latest legal marketing strategies, apps on smartphones and tablets, graphic design, and search engine (more…)