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What Google Wants from Your Law Firm's Web Site

Each week, we talk about the various elements that will make your law firm’s web site rank higher in search engines. Google having the highest standards is of course, the search engine we base our law firm web design and law firm search engine optimization practices and policies around. But to truly understand search engine optimization requires an inside look at what Google really wants.

Search Traffic
Google wants more people to use their search engine than any other search engine available. Currently, they get about 70% of search traffic. That means, they have 30% of online users to win over to their cause. All of their webmaster regulations are geared towards making their search engine have the most relevant and highest quality web sites indexed and ranked.

That brings us to quality. Google wants quality sites with quality content ranked in their search engine. If someone is searching in a search engine and (more…)

Elect a New Image and Brand for Your Law Firm

While many of us are anxiously waiting for next weeks election to see who will take office in January of 2009, we would like to remind you that this is the best time of year to elect a new brand for your law firm.

Your law firm web design is going to be the first impression given to 100% of the clients you get from the internet. That is the going to be the impression that makes them contact your firm or move on to the next.

The three main attributes of a successful web site can be briefly described as these…

Ok, its not really a word but it bests describes a web sites ability to be found on the web. This increased “findability” is achieved with proven search engine optimization methods.

Professional Image
Once your law firm is found, it is important that you look your best. A professional web site is one that (more…)

Law Firm Web Design Psychology

The Psychology Behind Marketing a Law Firm – Part II

Your law firm web design could very well be what’s keeping potential clients from contacting you. Think about that for a moment. Your web site is the first impression someone from the internet is going to have.

Disappoint a visitor with an unprofessional web site and you have chased away a new client. A solid design also means you need to communicate with your target audience. Communicating the right image is vital for your legal marketing strategy.

Last week we talked about communicating a professional, compassionate, design for personal injury lawyers, divorce lawyers, and a tougher image for bankruptcy lawyers. This week, we will talk about design communication for immigration law, criminal defense, and employment law.

Immigration Lawyers
Whereas many areas of the law should project a compassionate image, immigration lawyers can be less fluffy and more inspiring. A design that instills hope will best communicate (more…)

The Psychology Behind Marketing a Law Firm

It takes more than just a web site to get a law firm positioned on the internet. It takes some imagination to communicate with a firm’s target market.

Lawyers are flocking to the internet to invest their marketing dollars. And they should. No other medium gives them access to a large pool of people who already know they need a lawyer, its just a matter of finding one.

In order for a law firm marketing strategy to work on the web, an attorney needs to stand out and project themselves as a professional leader in their area of law. A leader with experience and in today’s market, a leader with a brand.

Often, lawyers make the mistake of going to a large company with a name they recognize when getting website design and marketing quotes. The unfortunate reality when working with such companies is that the attorney will not get the personal attention to (more…)

Law Firm Marketing Involves Branding Offline and On

A web site should instill confidence and help law firms stand out. So why do so many attorneys insist on using pillars and gavels?

Whether the last straw was dropped in a marriage, a DUI received on a Friday night, or a company board meeting ending with a vote to restructure in bankruptcy, people are turning to Google before turning through Yellow Pages.

A handful of companies exist that claim to have lawyer’s best interests in mind. They offer services like web design, law firm search engine optimization, and so on but do they really understand branding?

I must admit, the law firm marketing department of my company is my favorite to work with. Primarily because it is unspoiled land. I can count on one hand how many attorneys we work with who were branded with a logo, slogan, or any sort of branding prior to working with us. Most law firms come (more…)