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Law Firm Marketing on Autopilot

Perhaps the most intimidating factor of marketing your law firm’s website is the belief that you don’t have the time to do it. If you are like most attorneys, this is true; you really do not have the time to market your website.

Some legal marketing companies offer website templates which you log into and build. Then, you have to build links to your website and perhaps manage a blog. Save yourself time and headaches by working with a company that will put your law firm marketing on autopilot.

If you are going to embark on a journey through law firm marketing quotes, then here are some questions to ask your prospective legal marketing company:

1) Website – If the company is going to build your website, always ask for examples. Have them show you fully functional websites that have been custom built. Cookie cutter websites and template designs do not convert traffic to new (more…)

Designing Your Legal Marketing Strategy

We often talk about the importance of a website’s design in reference to website conversion. So how does a law firm get a non-effective design? Easy, get a template.

Yes, template or cookie cutter law firm websites are on the rise and this is a serious problem. Unless your firm is located in a proverbial “one horse town” where you are the town’s lone lawyer, you have competition.

Visually setting yourself apart from the competition is probably the easiest way to jump-start a branded law firm. If your law firm’s website is a cookie cutter site that looks like any common attorney’s website, you are telling your visitors that your firm is just that – common.

A custom design is just one piece of the branding puzzle. Your logo, letterhead, and website should all work together to convey your law firm’s professional image.

Just remember, money spent on a cookie cutter design is money burned.

To (more…)

Why Your Legal Marketing Is Failing

There are many reasons why a law firm’s website may not be getting visitors or converting visitors to new cases. Conversion is a law firm web design problem. If the information your visitors see is not attractive or does not encourage them to contact your law firm, you should consider a redesign.

When attempting to attract visitors to your website, the number one cause of failure is inconsistency. As I mentioned in the last week’s Law Firm Marketing Weekly, consistency is the key to a successful search engine marketing campaign.

Writing an occasional article or press release every 3-4 months is simply not enough. On a monthly and sometimes weekly basis, you need new content on the web in blogs, social networks, newswires, articles, resources, and directories. It is an ongoing process with search engine optimization success in the near distance.

So, if your website is not bringing in new cases, the problem may (more…)

Legal Marketing Plans Can be Set Back by Content Management Systems

A lot of attorneys enjoy a content management system (online website editor) because it allows them or members of their staff to make changes to their website without having any programming or design knowledge. An online content management system also makes it convenient to edit a law firm website because it requires no additional software.

In the past, content management systems have forced people to trade convenience for search engine optimization friendliness. Is this still true?

Yes! Your law firm’s content management system might be keeping you down.

Some content management systems (even those sold by other legal marketing companies) are not search engine optimization friendly. How can you tell?

In Google’s official search engine optimization guide, released in November of 2008, they speak about the importance of clean URL structures. Most content management systems do not have search engine friendly URLs.

For example, if your website’s subpage is on “divorce law”, a not so SEO (more…)

Is Your Law Firm Disconnected from Your Target Client?

Many lawyers and law firms fail to connect with their target audience. Connecting with your target client base is absolutely vital in converting your legal marketing dollars to new cases. But what exactly does connecting mean?

When talking about legal marketing, connecting means being found and communicating with your target audience.

Being Found
When someone is looking for an attorney in your area, your law firm’s website needs to be on the first page of the major search engines. Especially Google which gets more than 70% of online search queries.

After someone finds your law firm and clicks on your website, now is your opportunity to truly connect with your visitor.

Subconscious and Intellectual Connections
Legal branding is all about the client making a subconscious connection with your law firm. When someone is seeking an attorney, in most cases, they are in a stressful time in their life and the last thing they will connect with is (more…)

The New Year’s New Legal Website and Branding Resolution

To get the most out of your legal marketing strategy for the upcoming year, you may need a new look. Not just a new web site but a new brand all together. Attorneys and law firms that utilize a branding effort will convert better across all advertising medias because a strong brand gives their target client base an image to remember.

When businesses and individuals are looking for representation, they are bombarded with web sites and logos of other law firms that use the scales of justice and gavels. To really stand out, your law firm and law firm web design needs a unique brand.

Branding a firm will increase the success of your law firm marketing strategy whether its search engine optimization and online marketing, billboard advertising or print media. People remember imagery more clearly than words.

So this New Year, lay the foundation for a successful 2009 legal marketing plan online and (more…)

The Right Keyphrase for the Right Legal Marketing Strategy

Your law firm’s web site might have a great design but if it is not optimized for the right keyphrases, your traffic will be either non existent or not relevant to your firm.

The biggest mistake many web developers make is simply thinking too broad. For example, when building a web site for a divorce lawyer in Minnesota, they might include keywords like “divorce” and “lawyer”. Individually, that’s telling Google your keyphrases are for “divorce” and “lawyer” when actually, you are relevant to a “divorce lawyer”. Plus, you will need to throw in your region.

That is why we focus on keyphrases rather than keywords. Optimizing for a general keyword is not going to yield results because your web site will not be ranked on the first page for “divorce” or “lawyer”.

Work with a legal marketing and law firm marketing company that understands keyphrase selection and make sure that the law firm web (more…)

Law Firm Marketing Starts Closing the Book on Yellow Pages

Lawyers and law firms are moving their marketing dollars from Yellow Pages to the natural white search engine results.

In years passed, the process of legal marketing started and often stopped with a yellow page ad. Need law firm marketing? Simply make the biggest, best, most attractive and catchy full page advertisement in your local Yellow Pages and wait for the phone to ring.

The internet is changing things and becoming the more popular media for law firm marketing but Yellow Pages across the country seem to be holding strong on their pricing… sometimes, beyond its value. Which is why many lawyers are migrating to the internet with their marketing dollars in hand looking for better conversion.

Some areas of law that deal with clientele that have lower levels of education (such as disability, social security, etc) may see some results from the traditional phone book advertising. However, most areas of law will convert (more…)

The Cost of Not Optimizing Your Law Firm

Omitting Search Engine Optimization from your Legal Marketing Can Cost Your Law Firm

Many law firms are still not utilizing the Internet in their law firm marketing to get more leads from their web site. This is often due to not fully understanding the process of optimization, or the value associated with it.

Currently, you have–depending on your area of practice and region– nearly 1,000 searches on Google that are relevant to your law firm each month, and possibly more. Based on click through rates and elimination formulas, you are realistically missing out on 200-300 people in need of representation. How much is a case worth to you?

Law Firm Web Design with Conversion in Mind

If you’re law firm web site is more than a few years old, your search engine optimization campaign will be more effective with a new look. New design styles, web site programming, and page formats provide a pleasant experience (more…)

Early Planning Helps Lawyers with SEO

It’s that time of year again. The closing of a year past, the beginning of a new one, and the time of year when many law firms start thinking about next year’s legal marketing strategies.

If your law firm is planning to harness the power of the Internet for 2009, some early planning may be needed.

Search engine optimization is a progressive process that starts with content optimization (sometimes a new law firm web design) and is followed by getting websites, blogs, and news outlets to link to your law firm’s website. Therefore, it takes a few months for all of these elements to take effect in Google’s search results.

Content Optimization

Optimizing content is the process in which we include your keyphrases in your website’s content. For example, instead of “We have been practicing law in Boston for 15 years,” we would optimize that phrase as “Boston personal injury lawyers, Smith and White, have (more…)