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Your Law Firm’s Website Activity

If your law firm has a website as a part of its online legal marketing strategy, chances are it’s getting traffic every day. The value and volume of the traffic are things that need to be improved through search engine optimization, but this article is more about knowing what’s going on with your website’s activity.

When you go to a store, most major retail outlets have sensors at the doorway. You probably overlook them, but they are certainly watching you. Every time someone walks in and out, a system tracks the activity to see how popular the branch is. Consultants are often brought in to monitor shopping habits from the cameras in the ceiling to figure out new ways to attract shoppers to high profit items.

Fortunately, getting statistics about your website is a little easier but certainly no less valuable. What keywords or referring sites are getting people to come to your (more…)

This Year’s Attorney SEO Strategy

Last week we talked about the benefits of having a website that can work with your offline law firm marketing efforts. These benefits included building credibility by showing case examples and client testimonials* things that cannot be done on a billboard.

But the most important value of a website is its ability to work as the center of your online law firm marketing strategy.

Two things have to happen to make an attorney website successful. Number one, when someone types in your region and practice area, your law firm’s website needs to be on the first page of the search results. This is achieved with article publishing, inbound links, social networking, and blogging. With a little time investment, hard work from your SEO company, and a consistent number of new inbound links pointing to your firm’s website from other websites, your website should be easy to find by prospective clients.

So now that the (more…)

Setting Sail to Better Law Firm Marketing

As many took off this Columbus Day, we continued to work hard to make sure that the attorneys who trust us with their legal marketing continued to climb the search engine ladder.

When Christopher Columbus embarked on his journey, he was searching for the Indies but clearly missed; and thus, landed in North America. When it comes to your law firm’s online marketing, you can’t really afford misdirection as it never ends with discovering something better.

The Internet is still very young (only being commercially accessible to the public since the early 90’s) and still a little risky to explore. This is why it helps to embark on your law firm marketing journey with a map to make sure you are pointing in the right direction.

Here are a few things to consider before marketing your firm online.

1) What are your keywords? – If you optimize for keyphrases that nobody searches for, you will (more…)

Designing Your Law Firm Website Like Apple without Sacrificing SEO

What Your Law Firm Can Learn from Apple Part II

Last week, we discussed the simplistic, clear, and intuitive brand of Apple. With their easy to identify stores, no frills image, and use of negative space (white space), they have been able to dominate their markets in a way that “clutter as much as possible” Microsoft has not.

When comparing Apple’s strategy to determine how you can integrate their wisdom into your law firm marketing strategy, we must first express that Apple’s website design style is unique to their size. They don’t have to include their keyphrases such as Apple, iTunes, iPhone or iPod because they already have the weight and strength to get top placement in the search engines for those terms with a minimal amount of text.

But you can still design your law firm’s website with Apple-like simplicity and still achieve Overstock-like optimization.

First, focus on the top. The very first things (more…)

What Your Law Firm Can Learn from Apple

An easy way to stay ahead of the competition is to look at other law firms in your area to see what they are doing, and then implement a better strategy. That’s actually basic marketing. However, to really be an innovator in your field, look around at other industries and see what you can learn from them.

This week, let’s look at Apple. Everyone is familiar with the Apple culture of simplicity and clean design. When you walk past an Apple store, do you see big red letters that say, “Computers and MP3 Players Here at the Apple Store”? No. You see a silver background and the white Apple logo. They don’t even include the rightful trademark symbol at the top right of their logo…it would take away from the simplistic feel.

I remember several years ago being in New York City looking for the Apple store on 5th Ave. I was (more…)

Improving Your Law Firm Marketing with Headers

There are two sides to marketing your law firm website with search engine optimization. The first is onsite optimization. These are the changes made so your website’s tags and content clearly reflect your most popular keyphrases.

The second part is link building. This is the process of getting third party websites (not affiliated with your own) to link to your website.

This week, we are going to focus on the first part: onsite search engine optimization.

A very simple modification you can make to your law firm’s website to help its search engine optimization is to include keyphrases in the header tags.

Your website’s header tags are assigned as H1, H2, and H3. You can continue to H6, but the top three are the most important. In November 2008’s Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, Google talks about why headers are so important.

“Since heading tags typically make text contained in them larger than normal text (more…)

Your Law Firm Website with Flash Can Be SEO Friendly

Sometimes a website needs something extra – a little movement, excitement, or an all out attention grabber. This can be easily accomplished with Adobe Flash, a program that makes objects move, fade and slide. However, on the flip side, can Flash on your law firm’s website actually keep it from ranking on the first page?

Flash Working with SEO

You can use Flash on your website without hurting your legal marketing and search engine optimization effort if you use it correctly. The only problem with Flash is that none of its content can be read by the search engine. So when you add Flash to your website, you are immediately taking away from your website’s textual real estate with something that offers no content value; however, that is OK in small doses. If you have a header that slides a few pictures across and has your slogan on display, it will NOT affect (more…)

Building Your Law Firm’s Web Content

A common misconception is that Google wants to see a website always changing. For a website like CNN, your newspaper, or an active blog, that’s alright because they don’t focus on any one set of keyphrases. Their traffic comes from the keyphrases in their articles.

However, your law firm website is different. As a crucial part of your legal marketing effort, your website has a set of keyphrases for which you want to achieve first page placement. If you constantly change your website titles, headers and on-site page content, your website may appear to be more unstable than dynamic.

Unstable is not attractive. However, dynamic is a good thing.

The key is having a balance. The best way to achieve this balance is with a blog and an RSS feed. By regularly posting blog entries to your onsite blog, your legal website will always be growing with new pages generated from your blog entries. (more…)

How Many Clicks to a New Case

Search engine optimization is important, but getting your website ranked on the first page of Google for the right keyphrase(s) is the most important part. So, how many clicks does it take to get a new case through your law firm’s website? The answer is, just one qualified click.

Of course that doesn’t mean each visitor will immediately become a new client, but a strong part of converting web visitors to new cases is appearing on the first page due to the right keyphrases. You can select keyphrases using two different methods.

Casting a Wide Net
If your practice area is considered to be a niche area of the law or you are in a less populated area, you may want to cast your net wide by using general keyphrases and omitting the word “lawyer.” For example, a divorce attorney in Omaha should focus on the term “Omaha divorce.” The term gets 1,391 searches (more…)

Law Firm Websites Designed for Google

It is true, the eyes of Google are color blind. They don’t know or care if your colors match, images look professional, or if you throw some yellow, pink and orange icons around. What they do care about is the magic of clean code.

What exactly is clean code? The existence of your law firm’s website involves HTML code. Page titles, tags, headers, dividers, spacing, and style sheets all come together to make your law firm shine online. However, if your website’s code is not clean and professionally formatted, that tells Google your website is of lower quality than your competitors’.

That’s why it is best to work with a professional law firm marketing company that knows what Google and your visitors want to see. Having a professional code, search engine friendly website addresses for your subpages, and detailed attention to the minor elements of your law firm’s website will play a major (more…)