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How Many Clicks to a New Case

Search engine optimization is important, but getting your website ranked on the first page of Google for the right keyphrase(s) is the most important part. So, how many clicks does it take to get a new case through your law firm’s website? The answer is, just one qualified click.

Of course that doesn’t mean each visitor will immediately become a new client, but a strong part of converting web visitors to new cases is appearing on the first page due to the right keyphrases. You can select keyphrases using two different methods.

Casting a Wide Net
If your practice area is considered to be a niche area of the law or you are in a less populated area, you may want to cast your net wide by using general keyphrases and omitting the word “lawyer.” For example, a divorce attorney in Omaha should focus on the term “Omaha divorce.” The term gets 1,391 searches (more…)

Yes, Your Law Firm Can Get on Page One

Probably one of the most hindering factors in legal marketing is when a law firm gives up before trying. Ideas like “my area of practice is competitive” or “my city/state is too competitive, my firm won’t be in the top 10 on Google” often prevents firms from starting an online legal marketing campaign.

Here is a secret… yes, your law firm can be on the first page of Google when someone searches in your region for your area of practice. This is talking about the natural top ten rankings, not pay-per-click sponsored advertisements.

The process of getting to the first page of Google involves a professional law firm website and building quality links to that website. Even though you may be in a popular city with a popular practice area, not all of your competitors are taking advantage of natural search engine optimization.

Take Advantage of Search Engine Marketing

Seniority plays a roll in online (more…)

Designed to Get More Cases from Your Legal Marketing

In last week’s issue, we talked a little about what Google wants to see in your law firm’s website. Things you can’t see, like your website’s HTML code, can play an important role in the success of your search engine optimization and law firm marketing plan.

However, when a visitor gets to your website, it’s important to know what they want to see and which designs inspire higher conversion.

The Simplicity Challenge

When our law firm web design team reviews the features, design styles and elements wanted by the client, they often have to convince the clients that simplicity simply converts better.

If you have ever driven on the interstate through a heavy tourism part of the country, you are familiar with the red and orange billboards that litter the path. Since everyone is trying to stand out, everyone blends in.

Your website is no different. Your law firm’s website design needs to be clean so (more…)

Law Firm Websites Designed for Google

It is true, the eyes of Google are color blind. They don’t know or care if your colors match, images look professional, or if you throw some yellow, pink and orange icons around. What they do care about is the magic of clean code.

What exactly is clean code? The existence of your law firm’s website involves HTML code. Page titles, tags, headers, dividers, spacing, and style sheets all come together to make your law firm shine online. However, if your website’s code is not clean and professionally formatted, that tells Google your website is of lower quality than your competitors’.

That’s why it is best to work with a professional law firm marketing company that knows what Google and your visitors want to see. Having a professional code, search engine friendly website addresses for your subpages, and detailed attention to the minor elements of your law firm’s website will play a major (more…)

Law Firm Marketing on Autopilot

Perhaps the most intimidating factor of marketing your law firm’s website is the belief that you don’t have the time to do it. If you are like most attorneys, this is true; you really do not have the time to market your website.

Some legal marketing companies offer website templates which you log into and build. Then, you have to build links to your website and perhaps manage a blog. Save yourself time and headaches by working with a company that will put your law firm marketing on autopilot.

If you are going to embark on a journey through law firm marketing quotes, then here are some questions to ask your prospective legal marketing company:

1) Website – If the company is going to build your website, always ask for examples. Have them show you fully functional websites that have been custom built. Cookie cutter websites and template designs do not convert traffic to new (more…)

Legal Marketing Now Fueled by Social Networks

Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing the process of legal marketing through search engine optimization. The process includes optimizing website content, website structures, building links, and often times redesigning your law firm’s website.

Inbound links (websites linking to your website) can make or break a search engine marketing effort. Press releases and articles, which are consistently distributed, help build natural one-way links to your website.

Social networks like of Entrepreneur Magazine and of Inc Magazine are now a standard part of the law firm marketing plans offered by’s parent search engine optimization company, Adviatech Corp., is also launching the “Optimized Business Social Network”, this year.

These social networks allow us to increase visibility of your law firm’s name while building links to your law firm’s website. Having a dedicated social networking team not only proves to be a powerful search engine optimization tool, but also becomes (more…)

Legal Marketing After SEO

Last week we talked about the importance of onsite law firm search engine optimization. As you recall, SEO is the process in which your law firm’s website is optimized with keyphrases, which are included in title tags, meta tags, image tags, and properly displayed in your website content. Now that your website is optimized, it’s time to truly begin legal marketing.

When it comes to marketing your law firm’s website, the goal is always centered around links. The more quality websites linking to your website, the higher quality Google sees your website content as being. So, how do we build link?

Press Releases
Press releases go out across (primarily online) newswires which then syndicate content through places like Google News, Yahoo News, the Law Firm Chronicle, etc. When your law firm’s press releases are syndicated, the link to your website is also syndicated; thus increasing your inbound link population. We recommend at least (more…)

SEO Before Legal Marketing

The online legal marketing process consists of two primary goals, search engine optimization that occurs on the law firm’s website and link building that takes place off the law firm website.

Often times, the term search engine optimization is used to explain all aspects of web marketing. Actually, search engine optimization only occurs on the website. The optimization process takes care of the following:

Tags – Your websites title tags, keyword meta tags, description meta tags, and image/alternate text tags should all use your keyphrases with consistency, but without overusing them to the extent they appear as spam. An image tag is a text tag that is associated with a picture. If you have a picture of a car, Google cannot see the car so you tell them what is in the picture by using alternate text. For optimization purposes, we include keyphrases to describe the image content.

Content – Using your keyphrases in (more…)

Why Your Legal Marketing Is Failing

There are many reasons why a law firm’s website may not be getting visitors or converting visitors to new cases. Conversion is a law firm web design problem. If the information your visitors see is not attractive or does not encourage them to contact your law firm, you should consider a redesign.

When attempting to attract visitors to your website, the number one cause of failure is inconsistency. As I mentioned in the last week’s Law Firm Marketing Weekly, consistency is the key to a successful search engine marketing campaign.

Writing an occasional article or press release every 3-4 months is simply not enough. On a monthly and sometimes weekly basis, you need new content on the web in blogs, social networks, newswires, articles, resources, and directories. It is an ongoing process with search engine optimization success in the near distance.

So, if your website is not bringing in new cases, the problem may (more…)

Legal Marketing Plans Can be Set Back by Content Management Systems

A lot of attorneys enjoy a content management system (online website editor) because it allows them or members of their staff to make changes to their website without having any programming or design knowledge. An online content management system also makes it convenient to edit a law firm website because it requires no additional software.

In the past, content management systems have forced people to trade convenience for search engine optimization friendliness. Is this still true?

Yes! Your law firm’s content management system might be keeping you down.

Some content management systems (even those sold by other legal marketing companies) are not search engine optimization friendly. How can you tell?

In Google’s official search engine optimization guide, released in November of 2008, they speak about the importance of clean URL structures. Most content management systems do not have search engine friendly URLs.

For example, if your website’s subpage is on “divorce law”, a not so SEO (more…)