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Lawyers Should Use URL Shorteners on Twitter

The best use of Twitter is using it as a way to get traffic back to your website or blog. Just posting a Tweet such as “Just updated my blog” probably will not attract attention or traffic. However, posting a Tweet such as “Frequent loopholes in tenant contracts – visit” will drive traffic to the blog entry.

Lawyers may not want to use the same services used by Tween Tweeters so has just beta released A URL shortener for lawyers. Simply paste the URL of your full blog entry in the URL field and click “shorten”. Copy the shorter URL and paste it in your Tweet.

A shorter url may earn a longer list of visitors to your website and blog.

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Content Management Systems Become Standard for Law Firm Optimization

When we started this company over five years ago, content management systems were a thorn with which every search engine optimization specialist was constantly coming in contact. Their clunky feature lists and inability to customize individual titles made them a nightmare to deal with and generally resulted in futile optimization efforts.

How the times have changed. As content management systems like WordPress and Drupal evolved, the open source programming community took over and now content management systems are actually more SEO friendly than static HTML. I’m sure many in the SEO community are still shaking their heads, so next week we will cover how not using a content management system may hinder your attorney search engine optimization.

To learn more about legal marketing, law firm marketing, and attorney websites visit or call 1.800.728.5306.

Other Resources: Find a Lawyer | Law Firm Social Network

Getting New Clients from Your Law Firm’s Website

As an online law firm marketing company, our specialty is lawyer search engine optimization and getting law firm websites to rank higher in Google and other search engines. Therefore, we frequently talk about it and all things that center around “SEO.” In fact, we love “SEO” so much that we even put it in our name (

But we know that what keeps our clients renewing year after year is partially their high ranking but primarily conversion. How many new cases and contacts are coming from their website… that is what truly matters.

A great factor in conversion is the design of the website. The key to conversion is simplicity and fewer steps. The goal of the design is to instill confidence in a user then make it as easy as possible to contact the law firm.

Keeping It Simple

The best way to increase conversion is to add a simple contact form on every (more…)

Fewer Steps to Contact Form May Increase Attorney Website Conversion

If you tuck away the contact form, you are requiring the visitor to make an extra step to contact your law firm. The average visitor to an attorney website will visit 2.3 pages on your site. This number can be increased if you keep a blog actively updated. However, if the homepage is the first page, the second page needs to be your contact form or else it becomes less likely that the visitor will convert to a contact.

The way to improve this is to put a short contact form on every page. Regardless of the page the visitor lands on first on your site, they have immediate access to an easy way to contact you via a short contact form. Otherwise, they may just pass your “contact us” button, read some information then leave without contacting your firm.

Adding a short contact form to every page of your website is probably (more…)

A Lawyers Biggest Competitor is Not Always Another Law Firm

Every law firm has competition. Whether it’s the attorney that buys primetime television slots, the firm that takes over the front, side, and back of the phone book, or the lawyer who practices the same area of law in your building; competition is everywhere.

When deciding how to best search engine optimize an attorney website, we look at competition in a different way. Online, competition is not always made up of lawyers in your city. It often comes from more powerful sources.

When building an online legal marketing strategy, we have to first determine the most popular keyphrase for your practice area. Popular keywords are going to give you the greatest return, since they provide the most exposure. While (for example) “Dallas Texas Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer” may yield a quick page one ranking, it’s unlikely that the 5 individuals that search for that full keyphrase each month will cover your expenses. (more…)

Get Your Law Firm Networked for the New Google

A lot of shuffling is taking place in the Google algorithm right now. Last year, their modified algorithm named “Google Caffeine” was released for public testing. In the summer, we reviewed it and realized that they were changing for the better. In November, they announced that they would begin upgrading their data centers.

In the last couple of months, we have seen a lot of fluctuation in rankings which is a pretty good sign that the upgrade is well underway. But one of things we are also seeing is that Google is looking for a new third element, social networks.

It appears that the world’s largest search engine is paying attention to how often a website is linking with popular social networks as a way to gage popularity. Some experts even speculate that they monitor Tweets and Re-Tweets.

The clear message to take from this is that you need a social networking strategy to (more…)

Why Online Law Firm Marketing Can’t Wait

Patience may be a virtue, but it is new cases that keep your law firm growing; and waiting for someone to stumble onto an older website is not going to help your firm achieve those goals.

A common mistake made by many law firms is pushing their website and online legal marketing strategies to the back of their priorities. By doing this, the law firm loses a lot of exposure and potential clients.

Everyday, people and businesses go online – not to the phone book – to look for a lawyer. In every major city and in every practice area, thousands of searches flock to Google and other searches engines to seek legal counsel.

To show you how important it is to begin quickly, we ran a search count in several major metro areas in different corners of the United States. The number represents the number of searches Google received for that keyphrase each (more…)

How Law Firms Can Use Twitter

We have been critical of Twitter in the past, but the fact is Twitter drives traffic. To effectively use it, you need content to which people will be sent. Doing a “tweet” that gives personal updates like “I’m at a restaurant,” or “Driving on interstate,” or “In a small accident from tweeting on the interstate” will not drive traffic to your website or blog.

To fully utilize Twitter, you must first get familiar with a URL shortener. You will need this to stay within Twitters 140 character limit. is one of easiest to use and it’s free. Just go to and paste your long URL in the box. It generates a new one that looks like this, and takes up less space in your tweet.

Write a blog entry on your website’s blog or social network blog. For example, a family law attorney can write a blog entry outlining some (more…)

A New Way to Market Your Law Firm

The Internet gives law firms many opportunities to market themselves in much more affordable ways than traditional print, television and radio. In fact, even paying an online law firm marketing company to take care of everything for you can generally cost less than using a less effective Yellow Pages advertisement.

Due to hectic schedules, most lawyers do not have the time to fully handle their online marketing efforts, but we have a few tips and tools that can easily be squeezed into a heavy schedule.

Social Networking

Social networks are quickly becoming the backbone of search engine optimization. It’s theorized that search engines are looking at links being posted through social networks to gage popularity. But aside from that, social networks have an audience. If you post content on a blog on your website (which should be done) you will be reaching out to the audience of people who find it on Google blog (more…)

Your Law Firm’s Website Activity

If your law firm has a website as a part of its online legal marketing strategy, chances are it’s getting traffic every day. The value and volume of the traffic are things that need to be improved through search engine optimization, but this article is more about knowing what’s going on with your website’s activity.

When you go to a store, most major retail outlets have sensors at the doorway. You probably overlook them, but they are certainly watching you. Every time someone walks in and out, a system tracks the activity to see how popular the branch is. Consultants are often brought in to monitor shopping habits from the cameras in the ceiling to figure out new ways to attract shoppers to high profit items.

Fortunately, getting statistics about your website is a little easier but certainly no less valuable. What keywords or referring sites are getting people to come to your (more…)