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Be Strategic About 2012 Online Marketing Campaigns – Podcast

SEO | Law Firm’s marketing podcast discusses 2012 online marketing campaigns and how firms can plan now to increase clients and financial returns in the new year.

A Legal Marketing Tip from Sigmund Freud – Podcast

When marketing your law firm, you have to stand out and have some sort of symbolism that your target audience can connect to your law firm. SEO | Law Firm’s law firm marketing podcast discusses how Freudian techniques and other recommendations can help make your marketing more memorable and attract more clients.

The City Targeted Law Firm Marketing Plan – Podcast

SEO | Law Firm’s law firm marketing podcast discusses how your city-targeted keyphrases play a big role in your Google search engine rankings. They are also very important to use to attract a targeted client base and get more exposure for your law firm.

Tips To Improve Google Rankings With Multiple Lawyer Offices in Google Places – Podcast

SEO | Law Firm’s podcast discusses ways to improve natural search engine rankings with a law firm’s Google Places listing, especially when the law firm has multiple offices and practice areas.

Videos Add a Big Advantage to Law Firm Websites – Podcast

SEO | Law Firm’s podcast discusses the benefits of videos on lawyer websites and tips to make them a valuable part of a firm’s legal marketing strategy.

The Future of Legal Marketing is in Mobile Lawyer Websites – Podcast

Smartphones are widely used by potential clients and your law firm should embrace a mobile site to attract them. Large graphics, contact forms, and user-friendly features are a must to ensure your mobile site is functional for mobile users.

Large Legal Marketing Firms Lack Agility in a Changing Industry – Podcast

Large legal marketing firms lack agility in a changing industry. You need an online marketing firm that can change or add to their SEO strategy within a couple weeks when something changes in Google’s algorithm.

Get More Results by Spending Less on Legal Marketing – Podcast

Shrinking your law firm marketing budget may be the best way to increase your client base. This episode will give an example of how one lawyer expanded his office and saved $40,000 a year.

Lower Your Legal Marketing Expenses by Increasing Online Marketing – Podcast

Filling in for Sierra Winter, Jason Bland talks about ways to improve legal marketing in a slow economic period by using online marketing instead of traditional lawyer marketing.

The Importance of Design in Law Firm SEO – Podcast

This episode covers the value of a professional design and how that design works with search engine optimization and your firm’s legal marketing goals.