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What Does Instagram Mean for Lawyers – Podcast

Instagram profiles will be different from those one other social networking sites, as they are only focused on pictures produced by mobiles devices. This is a good opportunity to share pictures about your firm in an different venue.

How To Prevent SEO Mishaps During Website Redesign – Podcast

Law firm website redesign projects must be undertaken with attention to all the details that affect the structure, programming and content. A well organized website helps your site’s performance.

How Great Designs Can Fail Your Law Firm’s SEO – Podcast

You don’t have to lose your law firm’s SEO achievements when you redesign your website. A few tips to avoid this happening.

Should Your Firm Utilize Online Chat or Live Support? – Podcast

The goal of live support is to initiate contact before a visitor clicks away from your site, but is this type of service best for your area of practice? Find out the pros and cons of online chat or live support on a law firm’s website.

Your Law Firm Needs Unique Ideas, Not Just Unique Content – Podcast

Unique content is not the only thing a law firm needs to worry about with its marketing strategy. Unique words are no longer enough – you now must have unique ideas to survive in the post Pengiun world.

Email Is Still An Important Marketing Tool For Attorneys – Podcast

It is easy to forget about email with all the buzz about social media, but email is still an effective marketing tool for law firms.

5 Link Building Tips for Lawyers in the Post Penguin Google – Podcast

This year’s Penguin updates from Google have changed how many law firms are positioned in the search results. Many existing links are now useless or damaging.

De-Optimizing Your Firm’s Website for Search Engine Placement – Podcast

SEO Law Firm does quarterly search engine optimization reviews for each client. If your website was optimized over a year ago, it is time for a look at your keyword usage.

Best Practices for Getting the Most out of Your Twitter Posts – Podcast

Twitter can be hard for attorneys to take seriously, but there is a place for your firm to create a community within your Twitter profile.

Maximize Your LinkedIn Engagement – Podcast

LinkedIn has steadily been adding useful features, transforming it into a valuable peer-to-peer marketing tool. Find out how.