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The Health Of Your Law Firm Brand – PODCAST

Branding is a commonly maligned concept. Branding and marketing are not the same thing. Find out why.

Less Is More When It Comes To Law Firm Website Design – Podcast

Simplicity can be difficult. Simplicity in website design is difficult as well, as most people want to fill white space. Not a good idea. Check out why.

Getting Personal Leads To Getting New Clients – Podcast

People hire you because you ARE you. They do not hire logos. They want to know something about you and your firm before they connect with you. Check out how to do that.

Beat The Crowd: Tips for Rising Above the Competition in a Saturated Market – Podcast

What does modest growth for larger law firms have to do with marketing? In a word: competition. Check out tips for standing above the crowd.

How Your Law Firm Can Dominate Google for Hundreds of Keyphrases – Podcast

your SEO strategy is often centered around high-traffic, targeted keywords. However, there is another way to make use of variations on the theme. Check it out here.

Paying Attention to Your Law Firm Tagline – Podcast

Law firms have more considerations than other service providers and retail businesses when it come to choosing a name. Like it long or short? Here are a few things to consider.

Facebook’s Search Engine Facebook Graph May Affect Law Firm Rankings – Podcast

Facebook’s news about their new search engine in beta development, Facebook Graph, has left many law firms with questions about how to make sure their site is well-positioned when it is launched.

How Older Law Firm Websites Lose Their Position – Podcast

Google Penguin and Panda are not the only reasons an older law firm website loses ground in the search engines. Find out some of the common causes for dropped rankings.

LinkedIn Releases List Of Top Overused Profile Buzzwords – Podcast

LinkedIn has released their list of the top ten overused profile buzzwords. Be different and don’t use them. It sets you apart from the competition.

Focus On Benefits When Communicating With Prospective Clients – Podcast

Marketers like to talk about positioning, but the law is the law. Find out how to focus on your client’s needs above all else.