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Yahoo’s New Local Search Design Resembles Googles – Podcast

Yahoo’s new Local search design looks like Google’s Local format. However, there are some beneficial differences.

The Latest Statistics On Browser Preferences Are Here – Podcast

According to, Google Chrome has the healthiest market share. Although Safari and Opera are still in use, Chrome, Firefox and IE are still the top contenders. Knowing which browsers visitors use to surf your site is helpful in making changes or adding more advanced design elements.

When Should You Time Law Firm Tweets? – Podcast

If your law firm is active on Twitter, what time are you sending your messages out? For higher exposure, chose the right times carefully.

Google Will Find Paid Links And Penalize Your Site – Podcast

At one time, buying paid links was the popular way to improve a law firm’s search engine position. That practice is banned and link sellers try to promote footprint free paid links. Buyer beware!

Organic Promotion Carries New Costs On Facebook – Podcast

Brace your law firm for another change from Facebook – paid organic link promotion.

How To Use Heatmaps To Improve Law Firm Website Performance – Podcast

Heatmaps can show lawyers how website users interact with their content, navigation menu and other interactive elements on their site. This is a valuable marketing tool that identifies where lawyers can improve their sites.

New Clients Matter, Not Rankings – Podcast

Online marketin is valuable to law firms because it reaches out to large audiences of potential new people. However, don’t forget the “rest” of the marketing pie when choosing your marketing strategy.

Speak To Clients Needs By Turning Benefits Into Features – Podcast

Attorney marketing is tricky because you must sell a service only a certain percentage of people need. No problem, provided you focus on benefits for clients and not features.

Nine Types Of Blog Entries To Keep Your Law Firm’s Blog Stocked With Good Content

Marketers have been telling lawyers to blog for years, because content rules when it comes to online marketing. Blogging can be tedious if you are fresh out of ideas. Here are nine areas that might give your tired brain a boost for ideas.

More Clients Call Than Click On Your Law Firm Website – PODCAST

When measuring the success of search engine marketing, many law firms look at leads sent to them from their websites. It seems leads via mobile are changing website lead dynamics.