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Google Shuts the Door on Doorway Pages

youtube one channelThere has been speculation for a number of years that Google would have to include mobile factors when it ranks websites/pages. While not a surprise, the actual implementation of mobile factors is bound to have a large effect on many sites, including law firm websites. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, this could cost you points in terms of how your law firm ranks on mobile Google searches. It may also cost you new clients. But that’s the only change hitting the search giants legendary algorithm.

Google’s other algorithm modification involves doorway pages to improve user experience. This announcement has come as a surprise to some as these pages were frowned upon years ago and many people stopped doing them. There are still people who create these pages specifically to garner search traffic only, not for user interest. Or as Google said in its Webmaster Central Blog: “We have a (more…)

A look at Google’s highest-ranking personal injury law firms

top_two_pisites_CLM_LabOur friends at Custom Legal Marketing (CLM) recently released a report that examined the highest-ranking personal injury law firms in America’s major cities.

They chose keywords related to car accidents to conduct the study, which focused on the actual website designs of the top two websites for those keywords in cities across the country. It’s an interesting perspective, since ranking studies usually look at other factors — like links, local citations and offsite elements.

The report also measured how the popular do-it-yourself website builders performed in a highly competitive landscape.

Here is what CLM was looking for:
Newer Site Design: How many websites have designs that are less than two years old?
Custom Site Design: How many top-ranking websites were custom-designed for the firm?
Responsiveness: What percentage of these websites have responsive designs?
WordPress CMS: What percentage of high-ranking law firms use WordPress?
Premade Elements: What percentage use pre-made themes or templates?
DIY Site Builders: What percentage use DIY (more…)