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Your Firm May Lose Reviews Following Yahoo Yelp Partnership

ReviewsWhen Yahoo and Yelp got together, no one expected that they would lose years of positive reviews from their Yahoo local listings. Although, the agreement did specifically state that Yelp reviews would be used on Yahoo local listings. However, the agreement went forward and virtually overnight, some local businesses lost their complete history of local reviews.

Now, when someone comments or reviews a restaurant, dry cleaner, flooring store or a law firm, the review is posted in Yelp, obliterating all previous Yahoo local listings. In other words, the newest listing is the only one people will see.

Yahoo still shows reviews on a Yahoo local listing until a lawyer or law firm get a new Yelp review. Once that happens, the Yelp review replaces the Yahoo review(s). This appears to be a disturbing turn of events for many business owners, as statistics show people need to read up to ten reviews before (more…)

Paid Search Clicks on the Move and Rising

man calling lawyerThis just in: a Marin Software study has projected that smartphones and other mobile devices will account for 50 percent of paid search clicks by December 2015. (See the full report). If your law firm utilizes pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, make sure to keep mobile search needs in mind. Considering the current rate of mobile growth, your firm may wish to reexamine the marketing budget for mobile browser accommodations well before 2015.

Law firms need to choose where their marketing dollars are best invested. If you want to garner more customers from all demographics, invest in ad campaigns designed for your mobile client base now.

Marin Software’s study found that, in 2013, the cost per click (CPC) for mobile devices jumped at an exponentially higher rate than the CPC on desktops. In fact, there were some areas where even tablet CPCs outstripped desktop CPCs. Advertisers are seeing the value in mobile visitors, and (more…)