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Click to Call These Days Makes Good Sense – Podcast

Most people needing a lawyer want to talk to them right away, not spend time on a small smartphone key board filling out forms.

Google’s new design and your law firm’s listing

Google layoutGoogle’s redesigned search engine results look cleaner and load faster. The new layout offers the eye plenty of open white space. And one change may affect your firm directly: paid listings and natural listings now look very similar.

The redesign mirrors changes implemented on smartphones and tablets several months ago, suggesting that Google is focusing its efforts to adapt to the app milieu.

The more immediately noticeable changes include the removal of the blue underlining under links for all results (whether organic or paid) and the use of a bigger font for titles.
The latter revision specifically deserves your attention; Google has replaced its character limit with a 500-pixel space limit to incorporate the change. As such, it may be time to revisit your title tags.

Paid ads have lost their colored boxes, and yellow “Ad” tags now appear beside Adwords text. Additionally, a line separates paid and organic search results in the redesign.

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Yahoo’s New Local Search Design Resembles Googles – Podcast

Yahoo’s new Local search design looks like Google’s Local format. However, there are some beneficial differences.

Google Wants Clear, Comprehensible Content

law firm taglineQuality standards are definitely a large part of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. So, what do you do to boost the quality of technical or speciality legal content? It can be a struggle to aim your writing well. With more complex topics, should you target a higher reading and comprehension level or handle only ideas so that anyone can follow?

If content is too complex, most readers click away or check an online reference source to try and understand (and technical online reference sources may compound the problem). If the path to useful comprehension is not clear, your readers will navigate elsewhere, costing your firm potential clients. At the same time, overly general, obvious content offers nothing new and robs you of the opportunity to share your expertise. In short, balance is needed.

In a recent webmaster help video, Google’s Matt Cutts pointed to a need and desire for clear, approachable content (more…)