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Click-to-Call Can Easily Boost Your Mobile Conversions

mobile search for lawyersMost people who need a lawyer want to speak with them as soon as possible. They don’t want to spend time filling out a form; today, people want things as instantly as possible. That culture accounts for the high number of smartphones now in use. To add convenience to your site, allow potential clients to tap a phone number and call your firm right away.

User behavior has changed. Many of your visitors are now viewing your website on a mobile device. In 2013, we conducted a study showing that more potential clients call your law firm than use an online contact form. The report provided insight into the ways in which lead generation is changing for law firms.

In our report, you’ll find that calls increased and contact form use decreased in part because of an increase in mobile access to sites. When navigating with a small smartphone screen, a user is (more…)

How Many Visits Does It Take to Convince a Visitor to Contact Your Firm?

seolawfirm_exclusive_report At the start of each year, we bask in the tons of data compiled from 12 solid months of user behavior collected from all of our websites. January always brings us intriguing new insights into site visitors.

This week, we are considering the number of times a visitor typically visits your website before filling out a contact form.

We reviewed 70,000 leads generated on law firm websites in various practice areas and regions to determine what percentage of web leads come from returning visitors — and how often that visitor goes to your website before sending your firm an email. This report shows only the number of leads coming from web contact forms and does not, therefore, account for phone calls. Our results displayed a range of user behavior with a strong single-visit majority:

  • One Visit: A little more than 82% of web leads contacted a law firm the first (more…)

Google Will Find Paid Links And Penalize Your Site – Podcast

At one time, buying paid links was the popular way to improve a law firm’s search engine position. That practice is banned and link sellers try to promote footprint free paid links. Buyer beware!

Chrome is the most popular browser but is it popular with your visitors?

Chrome The latest statistics on browser preference have arrived.

According to, Google Chrome has earned the healthiest market share between December 2012 and December 2013. In fact, it has been gaining popularity since 2011, when it ran virtually neck-and-neck with Firefox. Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Opera are still being used, but Safari and Opera fall well behind the top three — Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Chrome was first launched in 2008, so it has come a long way in just five years. Back in 2002, IE led the pack with 83.4 percent usage. Now, the numbers for 2013 show Chrome out in the lead with 55.8 percent usage, and Firefox following with 26.8 percent. Internet Explorer, which now looks like it might vanish entirely, only attracts 9 percent of users (quite a significant drop from 83.4 percent in 2002).

What does this data mean for your law firm? It (more…)

Timing Your Twitter Updates May Yield More Re-tweets

FollowersIf your law firm is active on Twitter and hoping for retweets, consider: what time of the day do you usually send out your messages? According to The Retweet Report by TrackMaven, you should choose your tweet timing with care. Moreover, it can be just as important to pay attention to the timing of any retweets you receive. (Check the report out here.)

TrackMaven’s report examines nearly 1,500 Twitter accounts with more than 1,000 followers each. TrackMaven’s interest lies in the structure of tweets and in their timing. Their research has shown that Monday through Friday are the most active days overall, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday feature the hottest prime-time opportunities. The busiest hour of the Twitter day is from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. (ET), when many users are taking lunch breaks.

But what about retweets? Interestingly enough, retweet rates follow a completely different timeframe and peak on completely (more…)

Organic Promotion Carries New Costs On Facebook – Podcast

Brace your law firm for another change from Facebook – paid organic link promotion.