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8 Ways to Get the Most our of Your YouTube Channel – Part 1

youtubeYouTube rolled out its new One Channel platform over the spring and early summer. By now, whether you have set up your channel or not, any YouTube accounts you have should have long been converted to the new design. With the changes, Google is attempting to make the site more of a subscription based destination, rather than a video hosting site. As the name implies, all users now have a channel to which others can subscribe, and additional ways of promoting their channel. The new design and functionality also provide more opportunities for engagement and community building.

Since Google is providing you with several new tools, it is worth the effort to understand how they can help your firm. Here are some things you can do to take advantage of One Channel:

Choose the right banner and channel avatar. Responsive design has come to YouTube. The One Channel design is similar to the (more…)

More clients call than click

man calling lawyerWhen measuring the success of search engine marketing, many law firms look at the leads emailed to them from their website. While lawyers notice an increase in cases, they often come via a very limited number of emailed leads.

The trend of leads using contact forms is decreasing while the ROI of online marketing for law firms is sharply increasing. How is this possible? Many people are opting to call rather than fill out a contact form.

We reviewed the calling data from a sample of our clients who use call tracking. The calls that we reviewed came in through phone numbers that were exclusively used with their online marketing efforts, not from any other advertising outlet. Those with enhanced call tracking (where the number displayed on the website changes based on the visitor referrer – i.e., if searching Google organic with a keyword, they see a tracking phone number, but if searching (more…)

Google Looking to Review Under-Performing Small Business Websites

submit siteGoogle is giving small business owners a chance to have their sites personally reviewed by engineers on Google’s webspam team. If you have a smaller site that you think should be ranking better against your larger competitors, this is your chance to plead you case.

Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts put out the call on Twitter for owners of smaller websites to submit their information via a simple Google form.

If you choose to submit your url, you will be asked to provide details about why you think your site is better – or higher quality – than others that rank more favorably and why you think you should outrank other, perhaps larger, sites.

Google has made it clear that submitting your site for review will not affect your rankings. This is purely an exercise in collecting data, but it could be an indication that Google is taking seriously the complaints of (more…)

Does Active Blogging Pay Off For Law Firms? – Podcast

Does it pay for a law firm to actively blog? We did a study to see. The results are important for your law firm.

How to use negative space to enhance user experience

white-spaceOne of the challenges of website design is combining many disparate items like text, pictures, links and illustrations into a harmonious page. If a layout is not well thought out, even the most beautiful design elements will suffer from poor display.

Some websites succumb to the misconception that visitors must be given as much information as possible as soon as they land on a page, which leads to an attempt to cram too much stuf into a limited space. Studies have actually shown that people with fewer choices tend to pick one of them quickly, whereas those with too many choices may not pick anything at all. Consumers say they want choice, but the reality proves otherwise. They want direction. The items you present to visitors should be carefully pared down and displayed in a way that gives people’s eyes a place to rest. Negative space plays a critical role in (more…)

Google’s Rankings Going Back to 2006

updateWhen our parent company, Adviatech, was formed in 2005, the internet looked considerably different. Websites were narrower, animation and slideshows were limited to search-engine-discouraged Flash elements, and the Google’s search results were becoming excessively gamed and ugly.

It was a common practice in those days to set up directories and landing pages for each and every keyword. Google actually rewarded the hard work of spammers by ranking keyword-stuffed landing pages, rewarded businesses and law firms that setup multiple domain names for every practice area, and positioned the directories of companies higher than actual company websites.

The result was bad search results. Since then, Google has stepped up the enforcement of authentic landing pages, the elimination of duplicate content, and the removal of spam with crippling accuracy. But one item remains — directories are coming back and ranking higher than business listings.

In 2006, we saw directories get favorable listings and worked hard to move (more…)

Nine types of blog entries to help generate good topic ideas

bloggingMarketers have been telling attorneys to blog for years, since it became obvious that content would rule the online marketing world. Scheduled blogging makes your website relevant to visitors, gives people a reason to trust your expertise and provides a consistent stream of content that is helpful when building organic links to your site.

Good blog entries take time. If you are blogging on a regular schedule, it can seem like you are under constant pressure to produce. You should just be able to sit down and hammer out a bunch of content, right? But creativity does not always work that way – with a sudden flash of brilliance that all the Web will recognize. Thoughtful blog posts that present a solution or give practical advice (and are by definition more likely to be shared) require your attention for longer than 30 minutes. But that does not mean that you should (more…)

Branding is more than a buzzword, it could influence your search ranking

handmade brandingGoogle has had an active summer, much to the chagrin of many, from a high-profile Penguin update to changes to its link scheme guidelines. But, as Eric Enge pointed out in an article about Google’s quality control process, the search giant doesn’t really care whether it ranks your site accurately. Google is interested in increasing overall search quality, not in small, individual cases. The best way to stay ahead of changes – which will continue – is to meet their demands for value and diversity.

In the wake of the latest round of algorithm updates, some trends appear to be emerging. One, relevant to businesses large and small, is that the websites of companies with a comprehensive branding strategy have been least affected by the changes. This confirms the advice that reputable marketing companies have been giving for years: shortcuts and schemes don’t work (at least not for long). Good search (more…)

The Health Of Your Law Firm Brand – PODCAST

Branding is a commonly maligned concept. Branding and marketing are not the same thing. Find out why.

Four Ways Gmail Inbox Tabs Could Be a Positive Development for Email Marketing

emailThose who use Gmail have, by this point, probably started to see their inboxes organized into tabs. Google began rolling out the new tabbed layout on May 29, and users have, over the past several months, been logging in to find the new filtering system in place for them.

Gmail now divides emails into three categories: Primary, Social and Promotions. Two additional tabs, Updates and Forums, can be added using the Configure settings from within the inbox. Google claims that the service will help users see what has landed in their inbox quickly, giving them the ability to deal with certain types of email on their own schedule. From a user’s perspective, the new inbox view does provide a much greater sense of workday calm. Important emails – those that actually need to be tended to quickly – are no longer mixed within a long list of messages that do not (more…)