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Google +Post and Facebook Boost Offer Firms New Advertising Options

Google Plus CardsGoogle+’s +Post and Facebook’s Boost present the same basic service: both promote social posts, pages and websites on your behalf.

Google+ +Post
+Post offers paid, Google+ post placement for your firm. These interactive, live ads are meant to be more relevant to users than traditional banner advertisements. The ads themselves do not display on the Google+ network. Instead, they fit into Google’s much wider Display Network and point surfers to your Google+ profile. No matter where a user sees an ad, he or she can click on it and engage with someone about your firm.

Your +Post content is turned into a live, social display ad that runs across the Internet. This format allows users to jump into a live conversation with you by joining a Hangout On Air section. Users also have the option to add a comment, follow your firm or award a +1 — all from within the (more…)

How To Use Heatmaps To Improve Law Firm Website Performance – Podcast

Heatmaps can show lawyers how website users interact with their content, navigation menu and other interactive elements on their site. This is a valuable marketing tool that identifies where lawyers can improve their sites.

Google will find paid links and penalize your site

link penaltyAt one time, purchasing paid links was one of the most popular strategies to improve a law firm’s search engine positions. Of course the practice as been banned for several years but it continued as marketers found ways to sell “undetectable” paid links. Google’s algorithm has changed significantly over the last few years and even purchased links that promise anonymous origins fail to deliver.

Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts recently spoke out against Anglo Rank, a link-selling network that markets “footprint-free” paid links. According to Anglo Rank, their links leave no traceable footprints because they originate from a variety of private networks.

Anglo Rank has stated that despite negative attention from Google, very few websites in their networks have been hit. But Anglo Rank does not own any of the websites that use their links, so it may be difficult, if not impossible, for the company to really know if (more…)

Organic Promotion Carries New Costs on Facebook

FacebookBrace your law firm for another change from Facebook: paid organic link promotion.

For the last few months, law firms relying on Facebook pages to promote their businesses have been encountering a great deal of difficulty. As they tried to reach end users with unpaid, organic promotion, it became apparent that only a small portion of their posts were actually seen in the news feeds they expected. As such, businesses suspected that Facebook was pushing them toward “sponsored posts” (in which only those who have already “liked” a brand see a post).

At first, Facebook denied the accusations. The site was, the company stated, simply cleaning the system to prevent spam and low-quality content. The reach for businesses should not have been affected.

But in reality, firms had more success with organic marketing before the changes. Readers could see content targeted just for them, not material from marketing pages (more…)

New Clients Matter, Not Rankings – Podcast

Online marketin is valuable to law firms because it reaches out to large audiences of potential new people. However, don’t forget the “rest” of the marketing pie when choosing your marketing strategy.