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Your Law Firm’s Name Can Be Your Most Powerful Keyword – Podcast

Over the last ten years, keywords have dominated the focus of law firm’s marketing practices. Now, keywords are no longer complimentary to the law firm brand, they are the brand.

Google+ Custom URLs Make It Easier to Find Your Firm’s Profile

Google Plus URLStrings of numbers have long plagued Google+ Pages. Recently, Google+ introduced custom URLs to make advertising your Google+ Page a little easier.

Since offering Pages, Google+ has issued a long string of numbers for the URL. This practice was certainly acceptable for linking to your profile from your website and email footer, but it caused limitations when promoting your Google+ Page offline.

While you could place your Twitter profile on your business card or your Facebook URL in a print advertisement, it would not be effective to share a profile URL such as “,” requiring someone to type out the string to reach your Page.

You may be familiar with the custom URLs offered by Facebook. Google+ custom URLs come with slightly different rules.

Number of Fans and Followers — Facebook allows you to choose a custom URL after attracting 25 fans. Google+ only requires 10 followers to qualify for (more…)

New Clients Matter, Not Rankings

Rankings Not as Important as New ClientsOnline marketing is valuable to law firms because it reaches out to a large audience of potential new clients. Unlike the world we entered almost nine years ago, today’s online landscape is much bigger than keywords. It goes beyond rankings and trying to impress Google.

People are on social networks. They’re reading news. They’re reading opinions. They’re reading news about others’ opinions. They have emails, they run mobile apps, and they are not going to a single source for anything. Even the most loyal Google Search users may go directly to Yelp when their car breaks down. Rather than searching for a place to eat in a search engine, diners go directly to or

Earlier this year, we published a report titled, “Social may be trendy but search brings home the leads.” In that report, we showed how Google was delivering the majority of web leads (leads that come (more…)

Speak To Clients Needs By Turning Benefits Into Features – Podcast

Attorney marketing is tricky because you must sell a service only a certain percentage of people need. No problem, provided you focus on benefits for clients and not features.