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Expand your influence beyond your own blog

Having a regularly updated website and attorney blog are both important factors in any search marketing campaign. In addition to the basic SEO value of well-written content, frequent posting helps to establish trust with potential clients, who will come to see you as a reliable source of helpful information. Being the expert who people can turn to for helpful knowledge has good marketing potential.

But there is a whole world out there beyond your own website where people looking for legal services are searching for information about you. The firm Moses & Rooth, curious about opinions from actual consumers not marketing companies, partnered with Mike Blumenthal to conduct a study about the behaviors of those in need of a specialty lawyer. One question asked, if you are searching for a lawyer online, “what is most important to you?” The top choice of respondents was, “Information about them elsewhere on the Internet,” followed (more…)

Five Things the Most Effective Websites Have in Common

Law firms may not want to think of themselves as small businesses, but competing for new clients increasingly requires the implementation of business strategies, from law firm practice management to holistic marketing plans. As traditional methods of attorney marketing continue to move toward obsolescence, online marketing efforts are taking a larger and larger share of marketing dollars. Because of this, your website must be effective.

MarketingProfs published a provocatively titled article this week, claiming that most small and medium business websites will fail. Small and medium businesses (SMBs), the article claims, are not as prepared to face the reality of competing online as they should be by this point in the life of the Internet. Their analysis is based largely on data drawn from vSplash’s SMB DigitalScape, which reveals some surprising facts about small and medium business websites, including:

  • 93.3% are not mobile-compatible
  • 80.5% contain no links to social media
  • 60% have no phone number (more…)

Attorneys recognize the value of simplicity in design

One of the more well-documented design trends of this year is a move toward more simple website layouts. Designers are removing clutter, utilizing larger elements, paring down navigation to the essentials and creating user experiences that are less busy and more intuitive. Simplicity is both visually appealing and increasingly necessary as firms strive to make content accessible to the widest audience on the greatest number of devices possible.

An aspect of simple design that is growing more popular among lawyers is the use of one dominant image, above the scroll, on attorney websites. This is a departure from the practice of throwing as much information at the visitor as possible, and it is rooted in the fact that people are better able to make decisions when faced with a limited number of choices. Firms are recognizing that while practice area information must be easily accessible, it does not have to occupy all (more…)

How website security can harm your firm’s SEO

This past weekend, widespread reports of a WordPress attack spread throughout the internet. The story got traction on mainstream publications like Forbes, Information Week, and NBC News, putting some website owners in a panic.

SEO | Law Firm’s parent company, Adviatech, whose servers host hundreds of websites for law firms throughout North America, woke up staff members in Florida and California, and coordinated with their server administrators in Texas to execute an emergency plan which heightened security on all of their websites built on the WordPress CMS. Eighteen hours later, long after the sun had set on both coasts, every website had been carefully reviewed, secured, updated, fitted with additional brute-force protection, stripped of all old administrator accounts, and prepared to weather out the storm.

Having prevented their clients from withstanding an attack, Adviatech assigned several people to closely monitor the servers’ activity throughout the rest of the weekend. Monday morning, (more…)

Give great presentations by avoiding these common PowerPoint mistakes

Seminars and presentations can be powerful marketing tools. When your firm hosts an informational seminar, you fill the room with high-value leads – people who have willfully expressed interest in your areas of practice. Since you have a limited amount of time with your audience, you need to provide genuinely helpful materials. And you must make sure your presentation is memorable.

PowerPoint can be a dangerous thing. It does have features that, if used appropriately, can help create effective supporting slides. But, it is merely a tool, and like all tools, it can be used for good or bad, to inform or to confuse. People sit through far to many boring presentations throughout the course of a professional lifetime. Do not force them to endure another. Avoid some of these most common PowerPoint mistakes:

Too much text. People think and learn visually. Pictures can often provoke a memory in a way (more…)

Featured website illustrates how to create designs that last

This month’s featured website is, which was designed for aviation transaction attorney Stewart H. Lapayowker. Mr. Lapayowker’s site is being highlighted due to a combination of its layout, look and feel, and longevity. This project was completed in 2009, and aside from one programming update necessary to remove an outdated Flash-based menu, it has remained relevant without the need for a design overhaul for the last four years. (The fact that the design did not need to be modified to remove the Flash is a testament to the flexibility of HTML 5.)

What is it about this particular design that has given it a sense of timelessness? What keeps it from feeling dated after almost four years – an eternity in Internet years? Several features have contributed to the site’s success, including the use of imagery, structure and organization of information.

Background image: The large format background image was, (more…)

Will Responsive Design Work for Your Website?

From a designer’s perspective, responsive website design is beautiful. It is simple: one site, many devices. With a responsive design, your site will transition seamlessly from desktop to mobile without the need for distinct urls. In addition, responsive designs often emphasize white space and large elements, giving sites room to breathe at all sizes. And, the consistency offered by employing responsive design is a valuable brand-building tool, since people will always be interacting with the same look and feel, no matter how they access a website.

With mobile internet usage expected to overtake desktop usage within the next few years, most firms interested in SEO are also interested in mobile-friendly websites. In particular, having a site that functions properly on a mobile device is critical to local search marketing efforts. More and more, people are just as likely – if not more so – to perform a local search on (more…)

How much your firm’s SEO rankings would cost in PPC

Law firms often look at their SEO investment in terms of increased rankings, web leads, phone calls, and other measurable improvements. But there is another way to look at your SEO investment, the pay-per-click value.

The pay-per-click (PPC) value looks at these elements:

1) Your search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

2) The cost-per-click (CPC) for those keywords at their current position (i.e., if the website is ranked number five for “Boston divorce lawyer,” the CPC would be based on a sponsored listing at position five). That is calculated for all three search engines.

3) The amount of money it would cost to run ads 24/7 on all three search engines with no daily maximum. This is essentially the level of exposure you are receiving with your search engine placement.

We ran a report on a small handful of websites in various practice areas and cities to show a comparison of what (more…)

Beat The Crowd: Tips for Rising Above the Competition in a Saturated Market – Podcast

What does modest growth for larger law firms have to do with marketing? In a word: competition. Check out tips for standing above the crowd.