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How Older Law Firm Websites Lose Their Position – Podcast

Google Penguin and Panda are not the only reasons an older law firm website loses ground in the search engines. Find out some of the common causes for dropped rankings.

Interactive Guide Illustrates How Typography Affects Your Website’s Readability

The fonts you use on your website will affect visitors in a variety of ways. Font size, face, color and spacing all contribute to the design and readability of the pages. Large, open, sans serif fonts tell a much different story than small, compact condensed fonts, which in turn create a very different mood than those of the sturdy serif variety.

Fonts are an much overlooked design element. Too often, they are a mere afterthought, a smattering of Arial, Verdana or Times arranged into paragraphs for general consumption. But fonts are actually the largest design element on your site. You may have a logo and one or two pictures or illustrations, maybe some icons for good measure, but everything else is text. Your visitors are interacting primarily with words on the page and failure to think about how this affects them can work against you. Poorly picked fonts and bad formatting (more…)