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Creating a Sitemap for Your Law Firm’s Website

Since content is one of the most important aspects of your website, it is time to do some planning. For the sake of this demonstration, we are going to use the fictional law firm of Smith & White, divorce lawyers in Boston.

Decide on the type of general overview page you want to use – for example, “About Us,” “Attorney Profile,” or “Firm Profile.” The “About Us” or “Firm Overview” page is a general overview of your law firm. If you are a solo practitioner, you will want to substitute this page for an “Attorney Profile” page. If you have more than one attorney, it is appropriate to include an “About Us/Firm Profile” page as well as individual attorney profile pages.

Like anything else, your website needs a plan. So let’s start by creating a preliminary content sitemap. The list is organized by the level of importance, as if it was going to be listed in the top menu of your website.

Practice Areas – Practice areas should come first, because that is what your audience wants to see.

Since Google and other search engines wish to see a substantial amount of content on your website, it is always a good idea to expound upon your topics as much as possible. So, for our divorce lawyers in Boston, we would make a content sitemap that looked something like this:

Practice Areas
Family Law
Child Custody
Child Support
Alimony/Spouse Support

Firm Profile

Mr. Smith
Mr. White

Contact Us


Of course, if the firm also provided services for more specialized practice areas like adoption, international custody, and so on, these would need to be listed as additional practice areas. Each practice area should have its own page of content. If you have one practice areas page that lists a brief paragraph for each of your practice areas, you are cheating yourself out of pages and missing out on the opportunity to increase your page count.

A good starting number is about 10-15 pages of content but the target should be closer to 50. That number should consistently keep growing. Your website is a dynamic marketing tool; you can always build more pages after the website is live.

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