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A New Website Will Not Harm Your Firm’s Ranking

A new website does not have to harm your search engine rankings.

Online marketing consists of many things beyond just search engine placement – things such as your website. All of your online marketing efforts will eventually lead a potential client back to your law firm’s website. When that happens, is your website ready for conversion?

Some law firms have been building out their websites for over a decade. They have built-out libraries of tutorials, frequently asked questions, blogs, and landing pages. Their websites’ age, quality, and the massive amounts of content they hold have kept them on the first page of Google for popular keyphrases. Their sites get a lot of traffic, but that traffic is not turning into leads.

Having a lot of great content is crucial. It’s important for search engine rankings, and it’s important for conversion. But, if that content is not organized to follow a (more…)

Good And Bad Key Phrases For Your Law Firm – Podcast

Know the difference between good and bad key phrases. It helps you understand the search engine optimization process.

Communication counts – avoid clichés and buzzwords like the plague

Poor writing is an instant turnoff. Be it incorrect grammar, overused and tired phrases or a simple failure to proofread adequately, sloppy writing comes across as lazy and unprofessional. For attorneys who must be able to communicate with a range of audiences, from judges to peers to clients and prospective clients, bad writing habits can be costly.

You have read them – sentences that seem to drag on endlessly without actually saying anything at all. Sometimes you will find you have read an entire paragraph about “doubling down” on “client-focused results” where “the bottom line” is “thinking outside of the box” only to realize that you actually feel less informed than you did before reading it. If phrases like these grate on your nerves, you are not alone. Clients and judges do not like them either. And marketing materials filled with overused platitudes are not likely to send eager prospects (more…)

Mobile devices and responsive design are trends with staying power

Internet connected devices such as phones, tablets and e-readers now outnumber people in the United States, according to data released by The NPD Group. Americans have 425 million web-enabled gadgets in homes across the country, while the latest Census report puts the human population at only 311.5 million.

Laptop and desktop machines are still the primary method people use when accessing the Internet from their homes, but the rapid increase of connected mobile devices is changing people’s relationship with the online world. Tablets and phones are convenient, and Americans are increasingly using these devices to perform searches or browse the Web even when there is a laptop or desktop available.

The trick, in terms of website design and search marketing, is that everyone uses their devices in different ways. Some may not ever actually open a browser and perform a search, preferring instead to use apps like Yelp, Foursquare (more…)