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Content Marketing: Hail to the King
The key to a truly successful law firm marketing strategy has always been producing a steady stream of relevant content. Even before Google released Panda and now Penguin, the most reliable way to promote long-term goals – both of being found and converting visitors to clients – was to create value through quality, meaningful content. Now, with Google supposedly cracking down on SEO cheaters, rendering old tactics (and those of questionable ethical merit) obsolete, producing content that both Google and potential clients find useful is more important than ever.

Besides, content that contains what Google considers to be keyword spam is awkward and forced. It has never been a good idea. It is difficult to relate, for example, to a “Boring, Oregon Small Business Attorney serving small businesses in Boring, Clackamas County and the Portland-Vancouver metro area who need the advice of an experienced Boring Small (more…)

Law Firm Marketing Tips: Know Your Online Footprint

As the trend of eschewing Yellow Pages ads in favor of using technology to attract clients continues, firms will increasingly notice new clients saying, “I found you online.” Generally, if more people are finding your firm online, that is a positive development. The Internet helps level the playing field between large firms with abundant resources, mid-sized firms, and smaller firms who like to focus their practice on a limited number of cases. Everyone can use online marketing to expand their footprint.

However, an important question to ask clients when they say they have found you online is: Where? Do not simply assume that prospects went straight to your website. Your name is likely out there in many places you are not even aware of. Some of them may be working for you, but others may be detrimental to your firm.

A successful online marketing strategy requires that you control your message (more…)

Help Your Firm Avoid Social Media Mistakes

Advances in technology can open new opportunities for law firms. New marketing opportunities, new firm development and management opportunities and new opportunities to make mistakes.

If your firm has been engaged with social media for some time, you may be able to look back and laugh at some of your beginner online faux pas. If you are just starting to dip your toes in the water to test it out, you are likely wondering how to avoid making these same mistakes yourself. Take heart. Everyone is a newbie at some time or another. Here are 5 tips to help you steer clear of missteps in your social media marketing.

1. Remember your goals and stick with them. Building an effective social media presence takes time. It takes even more time if your posts are haphazard or inconsistent and if you do not have an overriding purpose behind your social media (more…)

Attorney Website Content Planning – Podcast

Writing good web content is a distinct skill. Here are some tips.

Maximize Your LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is proving itself to be an adept student of social media lessons. Developers and management listen to users, monitor other platforms to see what features people find useful or lacking and implement their findings across their own network.

LinkedIn has steadily been adding useful features, helping to transforming it into a valuable peer-to-peer marketing tool. Of the popular social networks, it is the best for producing referral business. Leads from LinkedIn conversations or connections are highly targeted and industry specific. They often come from relationships you have created within your areas of practice and as such are more likely to convert.

LinkedIn members have the highest average household income when compared to users of other popular social networks, with roughly half earning over $100,000 per year. LinkedIn users are also more likely to be decision makers with actual authority to create new business.

However, even with all the (more…)

Optimize your mobile landing pages with best practices for conversion

For attorneys, mobile websites are becoming a requirement rather than a fancy add-on. Mobile devices are ubiquitous. People are increasingly opting to search with mobile devices in their homes and offices even when a desktop or laptop computer is available. Google estimates that by 2014, more people will be accessing the Internet with a mobile device then with a PC.

Although the percentage of traffic your firm receives from mobile websites is likely still small, it is also valuable. Visitors from mobile devices are more likely to convert. According to the 2011 Google Mobile Movement study, 88% of visitors coming from mobile searches act within 24 hours. And roughly 70% act immediately – within an hour.

If the statistics are all pointing to an upward trend in mobile users, being prepared will help your firm capitalize on those valuable clicks. Mobile users want, need and expect different things than (more…)

Keep Your Website Development Running Smoothly

If your firm has decided to undertake a website project, you want the process from contract to launch to go as smoothly as possible. And you want a website that fits your firm’s needs and generates leads. Generally, this is how web projects progress.

But sometimes, the process breaks down. Attorneys may get frustrated with their web design and development teams. They think they are being ripped off (sometimes they are) or talked down to (they may be) or just simply ignored. Firms are right to expect responsiveness and understanding from their web team. You are investing time and money into your project and deserve to get results.

At times, when confronted with less than happy clients, developers fight back. They close themselves off and stop communicating with the firm. They assume all of the attorneys’ demands are unreasonable. They stop looking for solutions. The process breaks down further.

It (more…)

Best Practices for Getting the Most out of Your Twitter Posts

Twitter. It can be hard for attorneys to take seriously. The nature of the popular micro-blogging network with its frequent, short posts seems to bring out the worst and the most childish in people. It is the home of celebrity Twitter Wars, in which those with way too much time and ego trade insults in a public forum. It is also the home of a stream of pointless posts about eating a sandwich, taking a nap or sitting on the patio. (Hat tip to you, Verizon.)

But there is a place for your firm to create a community within the sanctity of its Twitter profile, far away from the pointless and mundane chatter. More and more law firm marketing professionals are recommending Twitter, and not just because it is popular or because they like to use trendy marketing buzzwords (you know, like “buzzwords”). Using social media generally – and Twitter in (more…)

De-Optimizing Your Firm’s Website for Search Engine Placement

Lawyer SEO with viewer keywordsWhat started out as a fairly slow year in the world of search engine changes rapidly changed this summer as Google updated their algorithm and made some of the most significant changes in recent history. Last week, we talked about link building, but this week we are back to discussing your law firm’s website.

Onsite SEO is something that doesn’t often change. Your law firm’s website needs to grow by adding new content and building new pages. But SEO “changes” can be done with less frequency. In fact, if a company is proposing monthly changes to your website and meta data, you can assume they stopped all continuing education around 1999.

We do quarterly reviews, which generally include a few minor changes, a meta description update (which is more about conversion than ranking improvement) and another look at any keyword opportunities we might be missing. If your website was optimized more than a (more…)

Useful Plugins to Enhance Your Lawyer Website Functionality – Podcast

Considering a new website or a re-design? If you use WordPress, here are some nifty plugins.