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What Does Search Engine Optimization Mean for Law Firms?

Marketing “experts” and self-proclaimed “gurus” all claim to have the secret to search engine success. To make it easy to understand, we have outlined some key points on what it means to optimize a law firm’s presence on the web… not just their website.

The Website

Your website should be built with conversion and user experience in mind. Is the website easy to navigate? Can search engines and human visitors easily access all pertinent information? Is it easy for visitors to contact your firm? Optimization of a website is not just about keyword placement; it’s about optimizing the user experience.

Inbound Links

Google has finally cracked down on where your links originate. Link exchanges, paid links and website directories that accept links from anybody about anything are now getting blocked by Google. While they may not directly punish your website, they are discrediting those links, making them valueless to your website’s ranking.

Real links come from (more…)

Building an Effective Mobile Attorney Website is an Important Law Firm Marketing Tool – Podcast

Websites designed for desktaop browsing are increasingly utilizing oversized elements. While monitors are getting larger, many people are viewing your website on a smaller screen like an iPhone or iPad.

Create Results with Your Law Firm Blog

We have written often about how blogging can drive traffic to your law firm website. A good blog can help you generate more leads and more cases. But like all law firm marketing related efforts, blogging must be done with a purpose. Blog entries that do not address client needs or speak to the right audience may not produce the best results.

If you want to take advantage of the potential benefits a law firm blog can offer, here are some tips to get you on your way.

Search engines love fresh content. For best results, post a new blog entry at least once a week. Optimally, a blog should be updated 3-5 times per week. Writing this often is a time commitment, and it may be worth the investment to hire a copywriter. However, when you post often and your blog contains an abundance of timely, relevant information, search engines (more…)

Optimize Your Email Newsletter for Mobile Devices

If you are like a growing number of people, your phone is an extension of both your work and social lives. You can, and do, use your phone to check email anywhere and everywhere. Increasingly, people are checking and filtering emails during what used to be down time. And they are often using mobile devices in lieu of a laptop or desktop.

When designing your email newsletter, it is important to consider this proliferation of mobile readers. MailChimp, an email marketing and list management company, recently performed a study on mobile user habits, which produced some interesting insights. Notably, the study showed that much of what people are doing when checking email on a mobile device is filtering. And the most likely filtering action is to delete the email.

Your goal is to get past your readers’ filter. In the few seconds that recipients scan your newsletter, you want them (more…)

The Steady SEO Strategy Wins Results for Lawyers

At the start of an SEO strategy is when many law firms may be wondering if they made the right choice. Did they pick the right law firm marketing company? Did they select the appropriate plan? A couple of months go by, things are slow to improve and they get worried.

Search engine optimization is not like advertising. An honest SEO consultant cannot come to you and say, “If you spend x amount on SEO, we can deliver x number of impressions and leads.” Of course, pay per click proposals may be able to generate such predictions, but search engine optimization is different. With SEO, your goal is to get Google to place your website high in the ranks simply because you are the best.

In this case, the “best” would be your law firm’s website. Based on the quality of the website, the quality of the content and the quality of (more…)

Position your attorney website as a valuable business development tool

In the not so distant past, having a law firm website simply meant slapping up a few pages about the firm and its practice areas and then checking “develop online presence” off the to-do list. Websites were seen as a sort of online brochure – a static presence advertising the firm’s services.

However, the understanding about what makes an attorney website effective is evolving. In recent years, the Internet has begun serving as a great equalizer, giving both large and small firms access to a growing client base. The fact is, law firms have websites. The question is, are they being used as an effective business development tool?

Law firm websites are advancing from static sales brochures to frequently updated, dynamic publishing platforms. Good attorney websites have blog content that is regularly updated, take advantage of automatic postings on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and consider the needs (more…)

Content is still king on an attorney website, but pictures are good for sharing

The value of blogging for attorneys lies in creating relevant content. Writing and posting regularly to a blog on your attorney website helps establish you as a trusted resource and creates interest in your work, giving prospects and clients a reason to return to your website and to refer it to others.

Blogging as a part of a law firm marketing strategy does drive traffic. In 2011, Hubspot released a set of statistics from a study of online user habits. The study reinforces the importance of using your firm’s website as a publishing platform. It examined the effects of regular website updates on brand exposure and found that businesses that blog get 55% more web traffic. The value of timely content is clear.

But what about adding images to your blog posts?

If you are blogging regularly, you can get more mileage out of your content by sharing it and having it (more…)

Stand Out Above Other Lawyers Simply by Understanding Your Clients

Law firm marketing professionals have a lot of ideas about how you can stand above your competition, from videos on your website to multimedia and more. With so many law firms using online videos and multimedia effects, it takes something a little more traditional to get extra attention.

What clients really want is a lawyer who understands their situation. One who understands what they are going through. Communicating on this emotional level takes more than just listing “empathic” on a bulleted list of reasons to hire your firm. Prospective clients have to feel it when they visit your website. The colors, images, style and language used to describe your firm all help convey this feeling. Identify your clients’ most important issues and let them feel (not just read) that you have the solution.

Established attorneys have the benefit of being able to reflect on their client base. Think about the people (more…)

Thinking About a New Website? Define Your Goals First – Podcast

If your law firm is considering developing a new website or undertaking a website redesign, define your strategy now, and know how you want that site to work for you.

Law firm marketing debate: What can a logo do for you?

The question of how important a law firm logo is in the grand scheme of attorney marketing and practice building is still a matter of some debate online. A recent post on engendered an unnecessarily confrontational discussion among commenters about the wisdom of spending any time or money on a logo at all. Why bother, some argued; no one hires an attorney based on a logo alone.

The argument boils down to a misunderstanding about what constitutes attorney branding.

When people think of a logo or a brand, their minds generally jump to consumer-oriented brands like Nike or Apple. These companies attract and maintain herds of loyal followers, partly through the quality of their offerings and partly through reputation alone. People feel cool just owning their products.

But an attorney is not a commodity. Hanging out with the right lawyer is not going to enhance your reputation with (more…)