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Ten Lawyer Website Usability Tips – Part Two

Last week, we discussed several methods law firms can employ to ramp up their website’s usability. Making your firm’s site as intuitive and easy to use as possible helps give potential clients a positive experience and prompts calls and conversion. A well designed, fine-tuned website also encourages users to share your site and refer others to your firm.

Attention to detail in an attorney website is something that is most notable when absent. When done well, no one item stands out. The whole user experience is positive and effortless. When executed poorly, users realize very quickly that they are confused or uninterested. A frustrated user is almost impossible to reach, and you may not ever have the opportunity to win disenchanted visitors back in person.

The lesson is that you must pay attention to usability. The good news is we have compiled a list of tips to help. Part one is here. (more…)

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Ten Lawyer Website Usability Tips – Part One

Your firm’s website is at work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a valuable advocate and proxy, often communicating with potential clients before you have had a chance to speak to them in person. And, as a bonus, it will continue to do its job without complaint while you are asleep, on vacation or at trial.

Ideally, your attorney website is functioning at optimum efficiency, converting visits into calls and prospects into clients. But you cannot just assume that this is the case. Your website is ambivalent – it will work for or against you without giving it a second thought. Putting your website to work effectively for your firm is a process. It requires attention to detail during development and ongoing monitoring, tweaking and updating after launch.

Optimizing your website’s usability is key; users must be directed unambiguously to take action. Here are some (more…)

Set Your Law Firm Website Apart: Give Attention to Details Others Ignore

Attention to subtle details can elevate a lawyer website to stand above the crowded average website space. The right combination of textures, light and shadow can make certain elements pop, emphasizing important items and creating visual organization. If everything on a page looks flat, it is hard to distinguish one bit of information from another. Details create the sense of hierarchy that a website needs in order to prompt action and create results.

Effective websites employ a variety of techniques to bring menus, forms, buttons and text to life. A well designed website will apply these details on a pixel level in order to achieve the right balance. No single effect leaps off the screen individually, but without them the user experience would not be the same.

Try these simple techniques to take your firm’s website to the next level:

Depth, texture, light and shadow: Does your firm have (more…)

Content’s New Role in Law Firm Marketing

There is a growing misconception in the legal marketing industry that social networks are becoming more important than creating new content. However, this is not the case at all. Social networks are powered by content.

What is changing is the content itself. Whereas the online marketing strategies of the past involved producing a lot of long, extensive articles and content pieces, the new law firm marketing strategy is about more, shorter pieces of content. But this presents challenges of its own.

To keep social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest relevant, law firms need to post interesting comments and links. Otherwise, those profiles become just another advertisement rather than a community.

At the same time, if a law firm posts links to brief pieces of content that are worthless or too abridged to provide any real information, then those social network profiles are essentially spam. They will not lead (more…)

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Social networks are a good way to give your law firm exposure. But they may make your firm look out of touch or unprofessional if not used in the proper way.

Niche Marketing Offers Advantages for Law Firms

Much has been written about niche marketing, to the point that it has become something of a marketing buzzword. But, overused or not, the concept of niche marketing is still very relevant to attorneys.

Technically defined, niche marketing is marketing that is targeted to focus on a sub set of potential customers or prospects. Finding your law firm’s niche and using it wisely has many advantages, particularly in a down economy. Attorneys can benefit from niche marketing because it helps them offer unique and distinct reasons why prospects should choose them. On the other hand, the strategy of trying to be all things to all people can water down your message and may not bring in the type or volume of cases you require.

Specific advantages include:

  • Firms can position themselves as leaders and experts, giving them a distinct competitive edge.
  • Firms can offer prospects a greater value because of their specific knowledge and expertise.
  • Firms (more…)

Using Colors From Nature in Web Design: Inspiration for your Lawyer Website

Color plays one of the most important roles in determining an emotional response to a space, websites included, and yet color palettes in lawyer web design are too often either overdone or ignored. A more effective way to reach and convert visitors is by intentionally using color to create desired reactions and results.

Start learning from nature. Just because your firm’s website is sitting on a server and displayed on an “artificial” screen does not mean you should discard the lessons nature can teach us about effective color harmony. Colors pulled from naturally occurring combinations are less jarring and artificial and are much more likely to produce a memorable, unique and pleasant emotional response.

Get away from the standards. Using nature as an inspiration for your color scheme choices can make for some surprising, effective and memorable online destinations. It can help your firm move away from standard, overused color palettes.

Sometimes even (more…)

Develop a Consistent Social Media Branding Strategy to Grow Business

Social networks can be a good way to give your law firm exposure and establish expertise within your practice area. Attorneys can comment on news items that are of particular relevance to their area of practice, and they can use social media to convey positive press about their firm. But social networks can also be a good way to make your firm look unprofessional or out of touch. Attorneys and firms that participate in social networks must do so with a targeted strategy.

Before beginning the process of setting up accounts and profiles, take the time to put some thought into your brand. In social media situations, developing a personal brand is particularly important. Personal branding is simply the method by which you market yourself to the world. The concept has received a lot of attention in reference to celebrities, but personal branding is not just for high-profile public figures. Everyone (more…)