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Connect with Clients Through Powerful Pictures and Taglines

Your law firm’s website must capture users’ attention within seconds. Creating compelling photo and headline combinations is one of the more effective ways of drawing users in. A thoughtfully chosen image coupled with a short headline that evokes an emotional response can compel visitors to read more. And the longer prospects stay on your website, the more likely they are to contact your firm.

Copy and photography create something of a chicken and egg scenario in website design. Which comes first? That may depend on whom you ask. Some claim that they come up with the visual concept first and then create headline options that they can winnow down to create the perfect mix. Others will claim that the copy has to come first – that without the words it is impossible to develop the right visual.

In order to be effective, a law firm website’s photography and copy must be (more…)

The Type on Your Law Firm’s Website is an Important Graphic Element

A good lawyer website has many things in balance. Relevant content, search-friendly graphics and headlines, responsive interactive elements, intuitive navigation, and an overall look and feel that is both distinct and able to connect with potential clients. Much of what is relevant to both search engines and people in need of legal services is the words on the page. Content is still king.

Since attorney websites must often utilize large amounts of copy for online marketing purposes, the way in which that text is displayed is an important part of a website’s overall look and feel. Just as everything your law firm does is a part of your brand, everything you put on your firm’s website is a part of the design. Text included.

Text is one of the most important graphic elements of a lawyer website and, too often, one of the most neglected. Designers may spend copious amounts of (more…)

Law Firm Marketing Basics: Business Cards

Talking about business cards on a law firm marketing blog may seem anachronistic – sort of like punishing a teenager by taking away phone time. What person under 20 talks on the phone anymore, anyway?

But business cards, the venerated elders of the marketing world, are still relevant. And they have to work hard for your firm. They must give a memorable first impression and keep working long after they are handed over. They are your mini brand ambassadors.

Your business card may be the only physical item colleagues and prospects have connecting them to your firm. While online referrals are an increasingly lucrative source of new business, attorneys still have ample opportunity to hand out business cards at social and professional events. You never know when you are going to meet a potential client. Someone you ran into months ago at a convention or yesterday at a luncheon may one day need (more…)

Acting Social to Grow Your Firm – podcast

How to be social and act social in all the right ways to grow your law firm. Just remember to keep it short, sweet and relevant, punched up with incentives.

Break the Lawyer Website Mold

Attorney websites, by their nature, tend toward the formulaic. As a marketing tool, much of their function is instructive. Prospects want to learn about a firm, the types of cases it handles and the ways in which it assists clients’ unique needs. Unfortunately, this information often falls into predictable categories, and breaking out of those categories – or trying to be too clever – can cause confusion and frustrate users into clicking away.

However, just because lawyer websites must contain similar information does not mean they must all use the same conventional structure. Modern websites are increasingly able to break the grid and employ more creative composition techniques.

Technology is giving law firms more freedom to distinguish themselves with innovative design. Monitor standards have evolved, giving websites more room to breathe. Users no longer expect to see closed sites with distinct borders and backgrounds, or three columns that just run the whole length (more…)

When to go Short and when to go Long on Website Content – Podcast

Content is still King, no matter what, just so long as it is short.

A Lawyer Website Design Only Works if Users Know What To Do

Even AT&T knows that consumers are no longer using the Yellow Pages as a primary method to search for professionals. Consumers are searching online, and marketing budgets have adjusted accordingly.

People (and businesses) that need an attorney are increasingly using law firm websites to filter their options before choosing which lawyer to call. A well designed, well populated, website shows off a firm’s professionalism and expertise, which helps establish trust with prospects and existing clients. There is simply no excuse for letting a shoddy website stand between you and new cases.

Creating an effective lawyer website is a balancing act. It requires the right combination of style, content, planning and function. A design can be too clever for its own good. Overdesigned sites may actually prevent users from understanding what your firm does. Too many navigation options can be confusing or distracting. This will risk conversion.

Great lawyer web design only works if it (more…)

Law Firm Marketing By Design for Different Practice Areas – Part II

We recently covered design and color schemes for divorce lawyer, personal injury lawyers, and bankruptcy lawyers. This week, we wrap up our two-part series with immigration, criminal defense, employment, and estate planning lawyers.

Immigration Lawyers
Whereas many areas of the law should project a compassionate image, immigration lawyers can be less fluffy and more inspiring. A design that instills hope will best communicate with their target market. It would be completely inappropriate to stand in a dark room, looking tough, arms crossed, and holding a gavel. That would not communicate with hopeful citizens. You should inspire hope with your design while instilling confidence with credentials. A “land of opportunity” theme is a better choice than a “tough angry lawyer” theme.

Criminal Defense
Criminal defense attorneys have it a little easier. Depending on their target client base (white collar, DUI, domestic violence, sex crimes, etc), the style they should approach can vary. A white collar criminal (more…)