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Your Law Firm’s Directory Listing Can Produce Deceiving Statistics

Lawyer directories can help drive leads to your firm and build valuable links to your website. However, if your website was built by the same company that is giving you a directory listing, you may not be getting the whole truth with your statistics.

A couple of large companies that have popular lawyer directories merge the statistics of a website and directory listing to make it appear as though the website is getting more traffic than it actually is. Some do not provide website statistics at all.

Let’s look at an example. Smith & Smith Law Firm had their website built by the XYZ company. XYZ has a large directory of lawyers that consumers use to find legal counsel. In this case, the directory is generally the only “marketing” tool Smith & Smith is getting from XYZ. Since XYZ spends a lot of money on pay per click, television ads, radio, and (more…)

Your Law Firm’s Most Memorable Face

Collectively, your logo, business cards, brochures, and website all make up your law firm’s face. Even if you market with pictures of yourself or other attorneys in your firm, your brand is still the face of the firm.

When it comes to design, unless you have a creative background with the technical knowledge to go with it, designing your print collateral is a job best placed in the hands of a professional.

When deciding on your print designs, keep in mind that simplicity is the key. If you hand a brochure to clients that is overflowing with too much copy, they are probably going to look at your logo, your website address, and disregard the rest.

Use bulletins to outline how you are going to help the prospective client with their problem. Always include more imagery than information and do not be afraid to utilize white space. If you ask any designer (more…)

Design Law Firm Website with Conversion in Mind – Podcast

Law firms that are designing new websites or updating ones from the early 2000s need to design for visitor conversion as the highest priority. SEO | Law Firm’s marketing podcast discusses how easy to access information, a modern look, and a friendly content management system can make SEO strategies and a law firm more successful.

Ranking Your Law Firm Higher With Google’s Plus 1

Last week, Google introduced a new change to their search engine results. By taking pages, images, and news that people in your Plus 1 network liked and items you liked, they modify the search results by placing websites liked by your friends higher.

You may not have remembered signing up for a Plus 1 account but if you have a Gmail account, you probably have activated Plus 1.

Let’s use an example to show you how this can improve your online law firm marketing.

Emily visits the brand new website of a Boston divorce lawyer. She hits the Plus 1 icon on the page. This is the Google equivalent of the Facebook “like”. Joe connects to Emily…perhaps Joe and Emily have emailed one another from Gmail or perhaps they have actively set up their Plus 1 account, circles, and settings. Regardless of why, Joe and Emily are connected.

The Boston divorce lawyer’s website is (more…)

Build Marketing Plan Around Home Page and Niche Practice Area on Home Page – Podcast

SEO | Law Firm’s marketing podcast discusses how law firms should focus on the niche practice area that is highlighted on their home page for the best Google results. This is also important for planning the firm’s marketing campaigns and keyphrases.

The Right Way to Blog About Your Law Firm

Having a blog on your website is as mandatory as your phone number and contact information. Blogs allow you to offer your site’s visitors concise information related to your area of practice and it keeps your website growing with new pages of content.

Before we go into writing blog entries, let’s first talk about what exactly a blog is.

The word blog is a contraction of “web-log”. In the early days of commercial Internet access, message boards and forums did what blogs now do. The goal of the blog was to offer a simple to edit interface that allows anybody from any skill level to add entries to a website/blog generally based on a niche topic.

Additional features such as user commenting can add a community feeling to your website but the effort involved in moderating comments for spam and inappropriate messages generally leads law firms to disable this feature. Also, most of (more…)

3 Steps to a Bigger Law Firm in 2012

A new year is upon us and it is time to start working on your law firm’s growth for 2012. If you are not doing these three things, now is the time to start.

1) Start Spreading the News – A monthly press release routine keeps your firm in the spotlight, creates inbound links that help with search engine optimization, and delivers web traffic. Comment on events and legislation related to your practice area. Host seminars and send out press releases about them. Press releases drive traffic immediately after they go live. Having a monthly press release routine is a great way to build a bigger law firm in 2012.

2) Update Your Brand – Law firms that have been around for a while are established and well known in their community and legal fields. Unfortunately, established firms may become such permanent fixtures that they appear stale to prospective clients. With a detail-oriented (more…)