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Focus On Benefits When Communicating With Prospective Clients – Podcast

Marketers like to talk about positioning, but the law is the law. Find out how to focus on your client’s needs above all else.

Giving Away Free Information May be Key to Building a Bigger Law Firm in 2013

When planning your law firm’s website content, you may want to take time to organize some free information to be distributed to your visitors. Free information builds credibility, loyalty, and ultimately will bring in new cases.

While some areas of law require a fast decision from the client — like personal injury — most areas of law pertain to things people and businesses have to think about. Should I file for bankruptcy? Should I get a divorce? Is the infraction of a competitor worth filing a lawsuit over? Should I have a lawyer for the purchase of a small building? All of these are questions that individuals and companies work through prior to picking up the phone.

It is in those legal markets that free information and the collection of data will be of great value.

We will use a fictional divorce law firm to show you what to do.

Divorces are rarely mutual, and (more…)

Top 2012 web design trends – part two

Last week we examined some of the strides website design has made while advances in technology continue to expand creative options. The year 2012 has seen the introduction of some interesting new styles and programming methods, as designers and developers eagerly experiment with some of the advanced capabilities in HTML 5. Here is the second part of our list of the top seven most popular web design trends of the past year:

5. Large photo backgrounds. Large images have been coming into style for quite some time, being made popular predominantly by photographers and fashion designers. But other industries have been picking up on the trend, and large, screen-filling background images are now being used successfully by a range of companies. Large images are not just for portfolio sites anymore. They can be used to help make a big impact, create a memorable website and give pages a clean, modern (more…)

What Does Instagram Mean for Lawyers – Podcast

Instagram profiles will be different from those one other social networking sites, as they are only focused on pictures produced by mobiles devices. This is a good opportunity to share pictures about your firm in an different venue.

Good and Bad Keyphrases for Your Firm

Attorney SEO Keyphrases for LawyersAfter you decide to move forward with a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign, it is time to determine your best primary keyphrases. Your SEO company should do this for you, but it’s important to know their process.

What makes a good keyphrase and a bad keyphrase?

Good Keyphrases

It may come as a surprise, but popularity is not all that makes a good keyphrase. A keyword like “lawyer,” which gets millions of inquiries each month on Google, will not serve your law firm well; it is too general. This is why most of the results for the word “lawyer” returns directories and information websites that have thousands of pages built into their websites.

A good keyphrase targets your region and your practice area in a format that proves to be the most popular and relevant.

Bad Keyphrases

A bad keyphrase could be one that is too general, like “lawyer” or “lawyers,” or too targeted. For (more…)

LinkedIn releases list of top overused profile buzzwords

With the new year approaching, LinkedIn has released their list of 2012’s top ten overused profile buzzwords. And they have created a helpful infographic to spread the news. Although the professional network added over 50 million new members this year, “creative” once again topped the list of words most frequently seen in profile descriptions. LinkedIn breaks down profile statistics for the United States and worldwide, and the word creative was the most popular for both demographics.

Residents of some countries did favor other words. India’s top profile buzzword was “effective”, while users in Egypt and Indonesia tended to describe themselves as “multinational.” And people in Brazil preferred the term “experimental.”

Aside from offering some interesting insight into the values that are prevalent in different cultures, LinkedIn’s profile buzzword infographic provides useful information for professionals who wish to set themselves apart from their peers. For two years in a (more…)

How Older Law Firm Sites Lose their Position

Google Penguin - © 2012 Adviatech Corp. All rights reserved.

Google Penguin may not be the only reason an older website loses ground in the search engines.

Having an old domain name and a well-established presence in Google can help your law firm achieve and keep high search engine rankings. But sometimes, older websites fall from their coveted positions, leaving the law office confused and faced with declining leads.

This week, we look at some common causes for dropped rankings.

Google Panda/Penguin Updates – Earlier in the year, Google released a series of content-related updates called Panda, and penalizing link-related updates, dubbed Penguin. Most of the older law websites that experienced a decline were being penalized for duplicate content, link exchanges, or possibly by having old websites that had formatting and technical issues.

Not all websites that saw a drop in their rankings did anything wrong. We looked at a number of the law firms that compete with our clients (more…)

How To Prevent SEO Mishaps During Website Redesign – Podcast

Law firm website redesign projects must be undertaken with attention to all the details that affect the structure, programming and content. A well organized website helps your site’s performance.

Lessons learned from a day of competitor research

Researching your competitors is an important aspect of both the website design and marketing process. Keeping an eye on what others in your field (and locality) are doing helps provide important insight as to what works and what doesn’t. It also helps you avoid making the mistake of marketing your firm in a way that is too similar to that of other attorneys in you area. If your website looks just like that of your competitors, it will not be memorable, and prospects will have no way of knowing why they should hire you over any other firm.

If you can approach the research process thinking like a client and not an attorney, you will be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. Do any of your competitors present information in a unique or interesting way? What aspects of your competitors’ websites do you find confusing and what parts (more…)

Do not let outdated advice stand in the way of good website design

Old web design advice is everywhere. You can tell a lot about the age of a list of website design tips is by what is being recommended. This, of course, is not the fault of the original author; screen resolution and browser usage statistics, along with programming languages, are constantly changing. At some point down the road, this post, like others before it, will be obsolete. When sifting through the plethora of articles about website design, it is important to recognize the good, the bad and the dated. Some advice is just no longer relevant. Here is a quick look at how the conventional wisdom is changing.

Images: Think optimized. With images, you no longer have to think small. A quick search on any topic will reveal designs that show big pictures are in. Bigger images, as well as large format background images that stretch to fill (more…)