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Gone in 30 Seconds – How Subtle Law Firm Marketing Can Save a Visitor and Create a New Lead

The violinist plays as the camera pans across a shiny black metallic surface. You see a closeup of a gentleman’s hand shifting gears. His bright white cuffs contrast the wood grain finish of the center console as just a glimmer of light reflects from his cuff links and briefly strikes the lens. Before the next scene shows the leather interior, you are already aware this is a luxury car.

Had the commercial started with “Buy this luxury car!” or “Feel like a million bucks!” the commercial would not be a success, nor would you feel the luxury that the car manufacturer wants you to experience. Your law firm’s website should rely on the same subtleties to help your visitors feel the emotion that will trigger a positive reaction.

A television commercial has less than five seconds to catch your attention. A website has 30 seconds. Comparably, your website is basking in a time (more…)

Getting People to Click on Your Firms Website from Google

A lot of law firm marketing gurus spend much of their time talking about ways to get law firms ranked high on the first page of Google. But what happens if you are already there and web traffic has not increased? Perhaps you need to make a compelling case to get someone to click on your website.

In the early years of search engine optimization, webmasters put a lot of emphasis on meta tags; the collection of title, keyword, and description tags that go in the code at the top of every webpage. While search engines have advanced far beyond meta tags, they still serve a valuable purpose. The title tag is still valuable to identify your keyphrases and the topic covered on each webpage. The keyword tag points out the keyphrases that should already be used within the webpage. And the description tag can help bring in web traffic.

Imagine a user (more…)

Three Questions to Ask Your Law Firm Marketing Company

Whether you are working with an online law firm marketing company or looking for one, these three questions can help you decide whether you are going to get your money’s worth.

What is your link building strategy?

A link building strategy should be comprised of multiple methods. From social networking, relevant website directories, content publishing, and online news releases, your marketing partner should use all of these methods. If they are not proposing a multifaceted approach, then your search engine marketing efforts have a limited success opportunity from day one. Watch for companies that put all of their eggs in one basket by focusing only on their own directory or partner directories without including any additional strategies.

Do you work with other law firms?

The emphatic answer should be yes. As a law firm, you have certain needs that other businesses do not. Your search terms are generally regional, which means your marketing company (more…)

How Other Law Firms Rank Ahead of Yours on Google

There is a standard formula for search engine optimization, which involves quality content published on your website and quality links linking to that content on your website. With such an easy recipe, why isn’t every law firm ranking on the first page of Google for their region and practice area?

Aside from the logistical challenge of the natural rankings only allowing 10 listings (17 in areas that still show the traditional Google Places Map at the top), some law firms take their marketing efforts to the next level while others use the weight of their long existence to pump their rankings.

Let’s begin with the one element that nobody can force, the element of time. Just as your law firm gains credibility in your community as it gets older and more established, your website gains credibility with Google the longer it exists. For very popular keywords (such as personal injury in major metro (more…)

Three Ways to Improve Lawyer Website Conversion

This week, we are going over a few simple techniques that can help improve your law firm’s website conversion. A successful online law firm marketing strategy will get you more web traffic, but is a true success only when you get more phone calls and e-mails.

1) Obvious Contact Form – Once you have a visitor on your law firm’s home page, you have less than one minute to convince him or her to stay and read more, contact you, or leave. If visitors do not have an easy way to contact you on every page, they will more than likely leave. The easiest way to accomplish this is to place a short contact form on every page. This is generally in a sidebar towards the top of the page. Brief contact forms should include Name, E-mail, Phone Number, and a box that allows visitors to briefly describe their legal needs. A (more…)

Law Firms Improve Conversion by Simplifying Websites

A law firm’s website is a balancing act between the content that Google and some human visitors will want to read and simple graphic elements that encourage other visitors to contact the firm.

Your website traffic can be split into two basic columns: those who are interested in reading and those who are interested in talking. The readers are more likely to visit your website multiple times before ever making contact, while the talkers are more likely to visit your site once and become a viable lead.

The goal of your website design should be to quickly convert the talkers and make them fast leads while also providing resources for the readers. This content is also valuable for your online law firm marketing and search engine optimization efforts.

Focus on the Talkers
Your website needs to designed around the talkers, the group of people who will see a couple of lines and instantly fill out (more…)

Big City Lawyers Get Google Places Advantage

Google Places (formerly Google Local) has become a vital part of the search engine optimization process for attorneys. With its emphasis on regional searches, Google Places is a must for law firms.

Last year, Google merged Google Places with its search engine rankings, making the search engine optimization of a website work together with the Google Places profile to determine the website’s ranking. While that helped many law firms, it hurt suburban attorneys.

When a user types in a term like “Tampa divorce lawyer”, all of the Google Places rankings that appear are law firms in Tampa, Florida. This seems logical. However, just 10 miles east of downtown Tampa is the suburb of Brandon. Many law firms in Brandon optimized for keyphrases related to “Tampa” but their Brandon, Florida address now puts them at a disadvantage.

This is true everywhere. From Cambridge, Massachusetts to Bellevue, Washington, law firms in cities surrounding major metropolitan areas (more…)

Tracking the Success of Your Legal Marketing

When your law firm places an ad in a newspaper, buys radio time, or plays a commercial on television, do you really know how the audience reacted? The network may tell you the primetime slot has 30,000 local viewers. Of those, how many mute commercials? How many of those “viewers” recorded the time slot to a DVR, where the person will simply fast-forward through the commercials when watching the episode? How many listeners heard the radio commercial at the very moments your law firm’s ad was played?

You do not really know. Networks provide statistics, but they are very general. The newspaper can give you circulation, but they cannot track how long someone stared at your ad or how many of their subscribers opened up to the page that had your advertisement.

The web is very different, if you have the right tools in place. Unlike television, radio, phonebooks, print, and outdoor advertisement, (more…)

Designing a Legal Marketing Plan that Works

While many people have good ideas, the difference between success and failure often lies with the execution of those ideas. Law firm marketing is not different.

Many attorneys come to us because their existing website is not found in search engines and/or not generating any traffic. This, of course, is a common problem that we are more than capable of dealing with.

The other issue is not as uncommon as one might think… legal websites that are ranked high in search engines but are not converting traffic to cases. For that, you have to think design.

Two elements make up a successful online marketing campaign: traffic and conversion. Web traffic takes the longest to achieve since the search engine optimization process is progressive and can take a little time. But once someone is on your site, you have to convert them or else they are just one more number on your daily website statistics.

Conversion (more…)

Lawyers Should Balance Credentials with Solutions

The content of a law firm’s website is one of the elements that determines both search engine ranking and visitor conversion. When working on your content, you need to strike a balance between you and your firm’s successes and credentials and the solutions the visitor went to your website to find.

As a rule of thumb, we always recommend solutions first, credentials second. When someone is looking for a bankruptcy attorney, divorce lawyer, personal injury lawyer, etc, they have a problem. If you immediately introduce yourself, starting talking about your history and where you are from, you are going to turn off the visitor.

Think of your visitors as people in an audience asking a question. Then, use your website to provide answers to those questions. You may want to include some frequently asked questions on the home page that link to longer pages with more details. If a visitor is impressed with (more…)